How Does Max And Lewis' Crash Impact The Title Fight? British GP Review | F1 Nation Podcast

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What a weekend that was in Silverstone! From Friday qualifying to Saturday’s Sprint and THAT incident in Sunday’s race, there wasn’t a dull moment. Fresh from the circuit, Damon, Tom and Natalie reconvene to digest all the action, starting of course with that controversial clash between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Whose fault was it and was the penalty fair? They also discuss Charles Leclerc’s superb race for Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel’s litter-picking and whether they enjoyed F1’s first ever Sprint weekend format. And there’s even time for two more of your questions to be answered by the ‘96 champ in Ask Damon.

Key Topics:
4:19 - The team analyse Max and Lewis’ clash at Copse
12:45 - How has the crash changed the 2021 title fight?
16:08 - Why Silverstone was a critical point in the Mercedes v Red Bull battle
19:43 - Can Ferrari repeat their Silverstone brilliance in Hungary?
22:00 - Damon’s drive in his championship-winning Williams
25:55 - Is Ricciardo back in business? Lando sets a new McLaren record
30:10 - Sprint starts, spins and Seb vs Litter
39:48 - Inspector Damon examines the 2022 F1 car
45:20 - Questions about on re-watching old seasons and race numbers in Ask Damon

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Damir Damir
Damir Damir 4 dagen geleden
Front end of Max's rear tyre hits back end of Lewis' front tyre. That means Max hits Lewis and not vice versa because Lewis can hit with his back end of front tyre Max's front end ef rear tyre only if Lewis goes backwards.
Rafael Ambrosini
Rafael Ambrosini 7 dagen geleden
@Alan ALI 12 I will tell you why. Racing Stewards are ALWAYS dumb. That's it!
Romanische050 7 dagen geleden
@Rafael Ambrosini Because it was a race incident and a minor error from him. Stewards don't judge by the outcome, they judge by the incident.
Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas 7 dagen geleden
@Karlo World Because my parents were Brits and I was born here? Duh...
F1 Simracing DenyVPS
F1 Simracing DenyVPS 7 dagen geleden
@FunkyCornelius Better not respond to this guy @1pr007 they are english and don't know any better!!
Bruno Fazio
Bruno Fazio Dag geleden
Hamilton is a master inside that cockpit, he knew exactly what he was doing. He should retire and quit while he endangers someone else!
TEEONE Dag geleden
What’s with the dislikes? 🤨
Farid Abbaszadeh
Farid Abbaszadeh Dag geleden
I don’t believe that Lewis did not know that Max was in the hospital during the race lier
Soiz Dag geleden
Damon clearly has a Ham bias
Colonel JCD
Colonel JCD 2 dagen geleden
That was a very britisch podcast..
DaGauntlett 3 dagen geleden
Photo evidence they were equal??? You cant choose your moment that suits you Damon. And who got the penalty of 10 sec? Right. The whole behaviour of MERC is unlike mercedes. They should be ashamed. I agree with you, HAM should be informed, by his team, Max was in hospital. The biggest mistake of MERC/Toto which gave a huge grieve to the real racefans. Max is inside of HAM's and Toto's head.
Roman Wasarab
Roman Wasarab 3 dagen geleden
If the Race Director doesn't want the Stewards to be lobbied, why did he tell Toto to go the Stewards??
Darren Jardine
Darren Jardine 3 dagen geleden
44 has opened the door for 33 to the exact same thing, reward versus punishment? 44 moved to within eight points of 33. Having been 32 behind at the start of the weekend. I fully expect even more fireworks moving forward. You would've thought that with the massive amount of experience that 44 has, he knew exactly what would happen when he put his front wheel he did. It was reckless, desperate and dangerous. A do or die move. Red Bull failing to score at all in the British Grand Prix, Mercedes now sit just four points behind.
Patrick CAMBIER 3 dagen geleden
I am sorry to note that Christian Horner, like Marko more ever, is gradually locking himself into manipulations and now pure lies… To say it is impossible to overtake from the inside in Copse is an untruth…Hamilton did it 3 times during this one 2021 Grand Prix… Christian is now thinking that repeating an untruth will transform it into truth… He is becoming a fan of the Great Master in this domain, Boris J……
CrzTank 3 dagen geleden
Damon quite balanced here doesn't deserve the bias remarks some people are making. Lovely that they put imola to bed too,tired of Hamilton being granted innocence for Max' driving months ago and as Damon said Lewis was never getting around the outside.
R Rani
R Rani 3 dagen geleden
So the fact that that crash could have easily compromised Hamilton's race is not taken in at all?? You guys are ridiculous! Max was leading in championship.. why was he so desperate? He was weaving on the track before that.. he could have waited he was the faster car.. 52 laps.. even coming in 2nd would have still scored points. He would have been still ahead in points n his Horner would not been whinging about The Money being spent! Always Hamilton's crash bur not Max's impatience!
MagicAyrtonforever 3 dagen geleden
I am sorry but Hamilton is hardly ever "uncompromising" - Verstappen cannot give way to anyone and is clearly very very aggressive - He closed the door on Hamilton and didn't adjust his line considering the circumstances and the space that he had - As Lewis and any World champion would have (normally) done.. No rule says you have to hit the apex either. I think they have a cheek blaming Hamilton for Everything when Verstappen conveniently forgot a car was there!
drink4711 3 dagen geleden
Max will have his sweet revenge on Lewis
drink4711 3 dagen geleden
@MagicAyrtonforever just wait and see
MagicAyrtonforever 3 dagen geleden
At the cost of his licence and champiosnhip... Just he try it!
S Henry
S Henry 3 dagen geleden
I think it is a Red Bull thing to go block a driver’s line. Max, Kiviat, Albion and Vettel. Daniel R. and Webber are the only ones that are different.
Joke Brouwer
Joke Brouwer 4 dagen geleden
Carlos Alberto De Oliveira
Carlos Alberto De Oliveira 4 dagen geleden
In respect to how the fight goes following ahead, for sure all of the bottons being pressed in search of more power.
Carlos Alberto De Oliveira
Carlos Alberto De Oliveira 4 dagen geleden
Russe'ls would be pressing the botton ' Fewer power' and watching Max winning again, if your answer was assertive toward to 'yes' his is the right seat to second car.
Bengia Tamar
Bengia Tamar 4 dagen geleden
Just imagine Max being penalised..
MagicAyrtonforever 3 dagen geleden
Ah yes I feel better now :-)
Stuart Campbell
Stuart Campbell 4 dagen geleden
Max the many times Lewis backed off in previous GPS....not any more....
Smooth Ops GP
Smooth Ops GP 5 dagen geleden
This was wholesome. I'm glad i tuned in
TAK 07
TAK 07 5 dagen geleden
This is quite sycophantic to gush out for Hamilton like that. Expected better from the official F1 channel
Rein 2 Pella
Rein 2 Pella 5 dagen geleden
Why does this have 400 more dislikes than likes?
Bastian Salvador
Bastian Salvador 5 dagen geleden
this sounded more like defend Hamilton
Bastian Salvador
Bastian Salvador 5 dagen geleden
"had to get it done" nice justification. this sounds such bias podcast
CrzTank 3 dagen geleden
I think they are hinting politely that Lewis consciously chose not to back down. Its not bias they are describing his mindset
TheDonBarracuda 5 dagen geleden
I like both Lewis and Max as drivers, but I do find it incredibly hypocritical how some Max fans are treating Lewis. Don't they know Max's past he had a very reckless way of driving when he started in F1, he was a danger to anyone. Also, lets not pretend if the roles were reversed that Max wouldn't have taken the inside lane just as Lewis did! They are race drivers fighting for the championship, it's in their nature!
Isamaru 5 dagen geleden
That was really sloppy driving By Lewis. And here you are complimenting hin on that. Verstappen was making Many mistakes in 2016 und 2017. But this Season Hamilton Already made a massive mistake in Imola and still was Lucky to finish second. And now he gains 25 seconds By making a overaggressive move, that can‘t even work out. That‘s Not a Racing incident. It‘s a Bing mistake By Hamilton
Syful Hemal
Syful Hemal 5 dagen geleden
15:50 loved it.
Nathan Dors-midgley
Nathan Dors-midgley 5 dagen geleden
Maybe max will reconsider his aggressive driving style and forcing other people off the track like at imola with hamilton, now that he has had a big shunt it might make him think twice before putting others in that position
EhanAyaanRocks 4 dagen geleden
It's mostly Hamilton's fault
the Best
the Best 5 dagen geleden
Considering the amount of dislikes in the comments, i guess most of them didn't like the message at 15:50
Mduduzi Ncube
Mduduzi Ncube 5 dagen geleden
Max was in for precautionary checks and was discharged shortly after. Lewis had every right to celebrate the way he did. Max didn't spare a thought for roman in Bahrain last year and celebrated his podium. Sock it up like a man and stop the whining. Hard racing comes with the possibility of contact especially when you defend enthusiastically. Someone is bound to be enthusiastic in their attempt to pass
Ronald E. Wilson
Ronald E. Wilson 5 dagen geleden
I think the change is Lewis is not going to continue to let Verstappen run him off the road & the Stewarts never do anything to him! They only penalize Lewis & treat him unfairly. Formula one will be dealt a financial/audience blow! When you can’t beat someone change the rules, sue, & or disparage them i.e. racism! Everyone knows that is what was done to Lewis. If Verstappen wins the championship he is not legitimate. What you do to him you are also doing it to his fans. Btw when Lewis retires so will I & many others from formula one!
lpi avelino
lpi avelino 6 dagen geleden
the stewards lied about their reason to penalise sir lewis hamilton because they didn't penalise rosberg in the 2016 ausrian grand prix when he left the apex and went in search of hamilton on the outside of the corner to crash into him, forcing him off track. the only other reason for penalising hamilton was racial.
Foto School
Foto School 6 dagen geleden
F1 Nation is Brit Nation. Complete and Utter BS
Carlitos Way
Carlitos Way 6 dagen geleden
LOL @ Leclerc's take when he was complaining out the a$$ in Austria about Checo squeezing him off the track
Rowena Tjallinks
Rowena Tjallinks 6 dagen geleden
no podcast just a lewis fan site
Rowena Tjallinks
Rowena Tjallinks 6 dagen geleden
british are so biased
Carlos Saldana
Carlos Saldana 6 dagen geleden
The podcast was ridiculous they literally praised Hamilton the whole time for causing the accident and bashed Max the whole time .
Felix Shin
Felix Shin 6 dagen geleden
uncompromising = putting other drivers in danger through out his entire career
Law Bringer
Law Bringer 5 dagen geleden
This is a hilarous comment coming from a Max fan. Sit down and stop crying you child.
Giel van Gaal
Giel van Gaal 6 dagen geleden
I'm sorry but when DH said Lewis never did anything unsporting I stopped listening. That's just plain wrong.
spzyzh 6 dagen geleden
It was a strategic move, Mercedes got the benefit of it but was dishonest not admitting to it, instead trying to turn it around to Redbull by accusing Verstappen's aggressive driving when Hamilton was the one doing the overtake and crashed into Verstappen's rear tire.
SuperFly 6 dagen geleden
If MAX turns out to lose the title, with less than 25 points, to HAM than that title has been STOLEN and F1 has an existential problem because half the public would declare F1 = D E 4 D through the corruptive FIA who with F1 ...robbed MAX of 25 points in britain and ...hence his title. HAM fan boys feel free to hurl your b1le ..BC I won't answer reactions. .
Claude Symister
Claude Symister 6 dagen geleden
I said so since the Bahrain gp that Verstapens inexperience is what the REAL RAM GOAT will use to beat him to title # 8.
Marcel 3000
Marcel 3000 6 dagen geleden
Im sad. I liked this podcast but now i can not take you guys serious anymore.
RB-WTF 6 dagen geleden
Lewis never wanted to hit the apex, but Max.
Georgy Thomas
Georgy Thomas 6 dagen geleden
Honestly even if this was a racing incident, the bias shown by all British presenters and channels is so over the top that it looks like they are actively trting to hide something.
Georgy Thomas
Georgy Thomas 6 dagen geleden
@Lex I wonder what they would have done if it was two british drivers who crashed. HAM and Lando maybe. What if Russel crashes with him maybe next year🤣
Lex 6 dagen geleden
@Georgy Thomas i agree, they are trying to control the global narrative and because the british are overrepresented in f1 it works much better then in other sports. I really hope FOM and f1tv take some lessons from this week. F1 has no future if only the british are represented in the f1 media.
Georgy Thomas
Georgy Thomas 6 dagen geleden
@Lex its not that they have any data, but they just don't want to look bad as a whole. Also Hamilton is not just a W Champ anymore, he is SIR Lewis Hamilton. So there is that too.
Lex 6 dagen geleden
Exactly, it is starting to get fishy. Do they have data that lewis gave extra gas right before impact. I don't think this is the case, but it would explain the behaviour of british media, i can imagine they don't want lewis in jail. Again, i don't think lewis did it on purpose, but the behaviour of british media is suspicious at least
63humanbeing 6 dagen geleden
The fact that you have more dislikes than likes sums it all… Best British GP 🤬… You ashamed an entire nation; but no surprise, your fans have done it twice, Wembley, and Silverstone… England has to learn the basics of Sportsmanship….
Pyryte's Card Castle
Pyryte's Card Castle 6 dagen geleden
Awesome podcast, as always! And appreciate the comment about the racist messages being sent to Lewis- there is no place for that.
EhanAyaanRocks 4 dagen geleden
@Micah Kiyimba same
Micah Kiyimba
Micah Kiyimba 6 dagen geleden
Had it coming for his ridiculous behavior after the race acting like he won on merit...yet he put life of another driver at huge risk and in hospital..I hate racists..but he had that coming.
Aishwary Gaonkar
Aishwary Gaonkar 6 dagen geleden
Fernando Alonso had a better race weekend than anyone. Done. That's the best verdict out of the weekend. No one else to speak about. No BS.
Bruce Wayne#Tumbla
Bruce Wayne#Tumbla 6 dagen geleden
Tom Clarkson well said on the racism attacks towards Lewis!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Eric Jensen
Eric Jensen 7 dagen geleden
British F1 media being a Hamilton Cheer Squad once again. What a joke.
R Rani
R Rani 3 dagen geleden
Go n listen to another podcast buddy.. plenty out there!
ivan m
ivan m 7 dagen geleden
I am amazed by your comments. I am not a Brit but that does not matter at all. This is not a biased opinion, it is a quite proper one actually. Both drivers have some fault and it is a very unique corner and many people are judging the incident based on the consequences which is wrong as this is not how F1 works.
R Rani
R Rani 3 dagen geleden
Tim Streeton
Tim Streeton 6 dagen geleden
Well said. Couldn't agree more.
Ronald Grey
Ronald Grey 7 dagen geleden
There is only ONE solution to this never ending discussion about what happened, and that is: an eye for an eye Max. Pay Hamilton back in his own coin.
Micah Kiyimba
Micah Kiyimba 7 dagen geleden
British Bias, we need more nations on this podcast...All 3 are is is Brundle and Croft, and Buxton and Barretto..F1 media is too British biased...I would want to know opinion of a neutral party like Prost or Hakkinen. These lot just seeming to praise Hamilton for Crashing..they would be crucifying Max if he had done that...Other countries need to get jobs with F1 and they have qualifications too. This podcast was ridiculous to listen need to diversify your crew..too much Bias for one driver
venus263 T
venus263 T 7 dagen geleden
What a bias panel. Why am I even listening?..
Stabber987 6 dagen geleden
@SIXITHS Oh no im just tracing u down the comment section, No need to get mad about it.
SIXITHS 6 dagen geleden
@Stabber987 You think I'm going to bother replying to all of you cultists individually? Sorry buddy cry more.
Stabber987 6 dagen geleden
@SIXITHS Another copy paste
SIXITHS 6 dagen geleden
They could have had Alonso as the host and done the whole thing in Spanish, and all you Verstappen fanboys would still be sobbing and wailing in the comments section because he also thought it was a racing incident. At least have the spine to admit that you just want to hear someone who agrees with you parrot Horner's comments back to you.
tarcher 7 dagen geleden
Racing incident for me
Lex 7 dagen geleden
I didnt often see a video get more comments then likes
Scott Elder
Scott Elder 7 dagen geleden
The Ferrari is a very interesting car, high highs and low lows. But I don’t think they get enough in the highs to beat the sheer consistency of McLaren and the insane run Norris is having
Andrew Harrison
Andrew Harrison 7 dagen geleden
maybe F1 will realize they need more International representation when It comes down to their presenters with a like/dislike ratio like this or maybe they just don't care
R Rani
R Rani 3 dagen geleden
Nope it doesn't matter to them cos they are a British channel with broadly British audiences.. so its fair.. when Redbull is in Austria n in Orange army land.. guess what it would have been Max this n Max that a thousand times!! N they all would have been celebrating including Max when they won if this had happened to Hamilton.. so be fair which you guys are not. Whether in hospital or not! Especially when Max was fine!
Evan102030 7 dagen geleden
Non British lives matter
Scott Elder
Scott Elder 7 dagen geleden
Hamilton knew he had to get by on that corner to not lose the championship, he went for it when he wouldn’t normally. More his fault but he absolutely didn’t intend to take Verstappen out. Shouldn’t have been able to go on and win though, but that’s the problem with time penalties
Dermot Leslie
Dermot Leslie 7 dagen geleden
Your thumbs up/down ratio is the worst I've ever seen on any channel on any subject on NLfast. Time for a little self reflection.
RAFH 2 dagen geleden
not surprised considering the subject matter. This is a very polarizing issue for F1
Micah Kiyimba
Micah Kiyimba 6 dagen geleden
They really need to look into that..not even split...more dislikes than likes by hundreds of votes
Dermot Leslie
Dermot Leslie 7 dagen geleden
The Brit commentators and broadcasters are so parochial. I am neither a Hamilton or Verstappen supporter but that was Hamilton's fault. I think if Verstappen had been severly injured or the car barrel rolled into the crowd the penulty would have been different and the people who think it was a racing incident would all be singing another tune. I predict that Lewis will be visiting the scenery shortly. He won't win a street fight with Verstappen.
TheConfidentNoob 7 dagen geleden
Came back to this podcast a few hours after watching it and saw the dislikes have dropped from 1.5K to 1.4K… Hmmm I wonder if F1 have been removing dislikes🤔
Micah Kiyimba
Micah Kiyimba 6 dagen geleden
@SIXITHS What is the point of a "Nation" podcast with 3 hosts of the same nationality?
SIXITHS 6 dagen geleden
@Micah Kiyimba They could have had Alonso as the host and done the whole thing in Spanish, and all you Verstappen fanboys would still be sobbing and wailing in the comments section because he also thought it was a racing incident. At least have the spine to admit that you just want to hear someone who agrees with you parrot Horner's comments back to you.
Micah Kiyimba
Micah Kiyimba 6 dagen geleden
Their most blatantly biased content ever no wonder there were more dislikes than likes
TheConfidentNoob 7 dagen geleden
@Evan102030 Oh yeah only NLfast can remove dislikes, my bad😂
Evan102030 7 dagen geleden
You can disable likes but not delete them. Otherwise what's the point. F1 doesn't run NLfast
Burning MrB
Burning MrB 7 dagen geleden
So this is Ham’s fan club?
nibble byte
nibble byte 7 dagen geleden
I disagree with you on the statement, "Redbull did not get any championship point this weekend." because they did receive 3 point for pole position on Saturday.
Ezz Ezz
Ezz Ezz 4 dagen geleden
That's why she isn't fit for purpose, & the other two were too polite to correct her - might be considered sexist! 😁
Chris Squirrel
Chris Squirrel 7 dagen geleden
I'm no fan of HAM, but VER would have done something similar in the same situation. Lewis is an astonishingly capable driver, the best of his generation without a single doubt, and he would never deliberately cause a crash like this.
D D 7 dagen geleden
15:50 I understand and agree with the message but still made me cringe smh
vai07777777 7 dagen geleden
Losing my respect here guys. Max was ahead. Max left way more than a cars length (almost double). Lewis misjudged his car's fuel/weight/grip, didn't make the apex, had understeer, possibly wasn't even going to make the corner, definitely wasn't going to make the corner with enough room for max on the exit! Max left more than enough room and was going to make the corner. Stewards got it right but maybe a slightly harsher penalty would have been more appropriate.
Love Omigie
Love Omigie 6 dagen geleden
You must be blind
Paul Baillairge
Paul Baillairge 6 dagen geleden
First of all max was no where near 2 car lengths ahead and max actually turned into Lewis basically pit manoeuvred himself. Replays showed it clearly
Diogo Simões
Diogo Simões 7 dagen geleden
No wonder this Podcast gets no views.
Diogo Simões
Diogo Simões 4 dagen geleden
@Pure RC6 million subscribers yet only 65 thousand views. That's pretty sad for a youtube channel this big.
Pure RC
Pure RC 4 dagen geleden
Almost 6m subscribers….ridiculous statement
Ddarrel Smith
Ddarrel Smith 7 dagen geleden
Oh Max has never put a wheel wrong never pushed another driver off the track Oh the master of the double and triple move . You had two men neither willing to lift or give and give the other a inch. Lewis wasn't 2 cars behind Max he was right there. I might be a member of the 44 mafia but I'm not blind.
AppieF1 Racepuch
AppieF1 Racepuch 7 dagen geleden
Quote from Hamilton after the france race 2018:Ultimately, if you ruin someone's race with a mistake and you kind of get slapped on the hand basically. They can still finish for that person they knocked out.It's not taken into account. You really shouldn't finish ahead of him if you knocked him out of the race.
R Rani
R Rani 3 dagen geleden
Ahhh yes but he did n he did it brilliantly.. do try to remember that he could have been out of the race too because of Max's impatience.. why was he desperate? He was ahead in points.. but that's Max! Some times you have to be working smarter not be aggressive n impatient!
TheConfidentNoob 7 dagen geleden
Most biased F1 Nation Podcast I’ve listened to and I’ve listened to every episode of the podcast since it was started last year. I hate how the British media try to defend Princess Hamilton in whatever way they can… And I’m British myself
Un Thenner
Un Thenner 7 dagen geleden
No surprise from Tom "Vershtappen" Clarkson 🤦‍♂️
son 7 dagen geleden
People in the comments seem to think their opinion should trump that of a F1 world champion. If the roles in the incident were reversed, I reckon many of you would not be hating aggressively on Verstappen...
matembwere chekai
matembwere chekai 7 dagen geleden
Yeah, I think it was a race incident
vikas sharma
vikas sharma 7 dagen geleden
i really hope max takes hamilton out in hungary and sends him to the hospital. Then I'll hear them talk.
Jeroen Bons
Jeroen Bons 7 dagen geleden
Mr. Tom says: Lewis had to do it. So it was L. who did it.. and it was very, very badly executed. Mr. Tom is clearly not a racing driver. OK Brits we will meet again.
EastCoast Autobahn
EastCoast Autobahn 7 dagen geleden
“Lewis had to get it done”... but he didn’t get it done, because he just couldn’t match Max. And when he pushed, he crashed into Max. That’s not a clean win
matt 2 dagen geleden
@Micah Kiyimba well said mate
Micah Kiyimba
Micah Kiyimba 7 dagen geleden
Which is why this will not damage MAX's mojo? HAM won..but he did not beat Max...he crashed into him and was penalised(LIGHTLY)
Jeroen Bons
Jeroen Bons 7 dagen geleden
Hamilton said: "At the moment you, in spite of a punishment, finish in front of the one who’s race you ruined, then the punishment was not severe enough. It feels like as if the culprit walks free after violating the law. It just feels not right”. Angry words from Hamilton about the outcome of the crash between Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Bottas during the french GP in 2018. Vettel touched Bottas who ended up in a spin and collected a 5 second penalty for that but he succeeded in finishing in front of Bottas. In 2018 Bottas could continue to race but in 2021 Verstappen could not. ------
TheFire! TheFire!
TheFire! TheFire! 7 dagen geleden
The penalty is justified but it's so clearly a racing incident that I'm astonished with so much hate being thrown at Hamilton. Other than hateboys even the drivers on track agree this was nothing more than a racing incident.
Micah Kiyimba
Micah Kiyimba 7 dagen geleden
Hamilton lost control while trying to overtake..easily his fault
jensen atkins
jensen atkins 7 dagen geleden
Make it easier for Hamilton so ce he barely got a slap on the wrist. So he will probably do that every chance he gets
Jason Mendelli
Jason Mendelli 7 dagen geleden
Leclerc's pov and response is probably the best judge.
Guust 7 dagen geleden
This is a British podcast........
Lex 7 dagen geleden
For a neutral analyses check driver61
Kat Hobbs
Kat Hobbs 7 dagen geleden
What a race by Lewis
SuperFly 7 dagen geleden
After crashing MAX into a hospital > HAM was proudly waving his flag while brits cheered The whole world saw once again: who the brits truly are.
Stabber987 6 dagen geleden
​@SIXITHS Somehow im not surprised to find u here
SIXITHS 6 dagen geleden
They could have had Alonso as the host and done the whole thing in Spanish, and all you Verstappen fanboys would still be sobbing and wailing in the comments section because he also thought it was a racing incident. At least have the spine to admit that you just want to hear someone who agrees with you parrot Horner's comments back to you.
Shandon Cihon
Shandon Cihon 7 dagen geleden
Hamilton Special … ask Albon what he thinks about it. No matter what side of the fence you are on, this attempt by Ham was ridiculous. It should have been a Stop & Go, to set example for both of them going forward.
Shandon Cihon
Shandon Cihon 7 dagen geleden
@TheFire! TheFire! I think we mostly agree on this. I am neither a VER or HAM fan. Copse, is a weird corner and a whole other conversation. I don’t believe there was malice, but I believe it was dumb. I think they missed and opportunity to make example. HAM still won so the penalty is not a deterrent. TV is better with both on track. HAM should have been penalized enough to keep him from the win. Maybe give VER a grid penalty for the next race. Something to show them that they have got to give each other space.
TheFire! TheFire!
TheFire! TheFire! 7 dagen geleden
@Shandon Cihon If there was anyone who was in position of attacking Hamilton was Albon. He was burned twice by Ham and is a Red Bull driver. What he said was that it was a normal incident and the penalty applied was what was agreed by the drivers themselves for such a case. Honestly people are completely overreacting to this. Imo this is a racing incident with Hamilton being slightly more at fault but both drivers were "careless" and share responsibly. And it seems to be the position from the drivers too. Of course it's only natural for Red Bull and Ver to be overplaying this, anyone else would do exactly the same particularly in the heat of the moment.
Shandon Cihon
Shandon Cihon 7 dagen geleden
I would like to hear his private comments about this. He wants a seat, so I doubt he is willing create waves. This is strangely similar to Brazil & Austria 2020. That said, I don’t think there is malice, but a stiffer penalty would show Max & Lewis a clear line. Let’s race hard, but let’s keep both cars on track.
TheFire! TheFire!
TheFire! TheFire! 7 dagen geleden
Albon called it a racing incident too.
Parzival 7 dagen geleden
If Lewis taking out his main rival, benefiting from a red flag, fighting with a slower Ferrari with engine problems and getting lucky with the botched pitstop from Mclaren is called a fair win and a swing in momentum, Max will cruise the rest of the championship.
Max Rockatansky
Max Rockatansky 7 dagen geleden
These opinions are more biased than Lewis with the magic on at Baku.
Kaan Yildirim
Kaan Yildirim 7 dagen geleden
I think RedBull should hire Maldonado, he will surely take care of lewis
waran bhaat
waran bhaat 7 dagen geleden
When the video starts with, "Let’s sta wit wa 'appened on FROI-day befo Sa-a-day..." you know where this is going to end 😆
Abed Kattab
Abed Kattab 7 dagen geleden
Lewis nation podcast
Stabber987 6 dagen geleden
@SIXITHS Ooo look at that another copy paste
SIXITHS 6 dagen geleden
They could have had Alonso as the host and done the whole thing in Spanish, and all you Verstappen fanboys would still be sobbing and wailing in the comments section because he also thought it was a racing incident. At least have the spine to admit that you just want to hear someone who agrees with you parrot Horner's comments back to you.
Max Rockatansky
Max Rockatansky 7 dagen geleden
The importance of this ruling is to set a president going forward into an era where cost caps are a crucial part of F1 politics. Hamilton essentially destroyed RedBull's car and nearly damaged their top driver. A car they have decided to spend time and money developing this season, which has proven to be a wise choice, and put them into serious contention in the title fights. Furthermore, the 2022 car is designed to allow better battles, and if this is all that happens to a team when their driver makes some poor decisions that destroy another team's top car, well there had better be some significant changes to the concequences of the driver and team that cost the leading car millions of dollars and potentially several grid penalties for replacing massive parts of the chassis and drivetrain (which Redbull said they might be lucky enough to salvage)... This decision will set a crucial tone for either making the 2022 cars and rules work, or be doomed. That's why Redbull is so adamant about exact clarity from a body known for seemingly impulsive decisions on penalties.
ALES KATIČ 7 dagen geleden
So is Hill saying it was as much his fault as it was Schumachers fault for that crash they had together when Michael won the title?
Will Mushivochi
Will Mushivochi 7 dagen geleden
The 1, 2, and 3 of losing your professional respect F1 Pundits. Wow! the bias here is suffocating.
MagicalWhisk 7 dagen geleden
Max is one of very few drivers on the grid without any penalty points whereas Lewis has amassed points for several incidents including knocking 3 drivers off that were infront of him. If the roles were reversed they would be saying Max is too aggressive.
Da32oor 7 dagen geleden
Ellipsis115 7 dagen geleden
1.4k dislikes? Wow, the hate is real.
Uroy Music
Uroy Music 7 dagen geleden
I am calling for Christian horner mr Marko to be suspended from f1 or banded for creating room for Racism in formula1. they have be doing this for long time . THE FIA NEED TO STEP INN
U A 7 dagen geleden
👍 Max´ life matters
Huub van den Oever
Huub van den Oever 7 dagen geleden
Only the British people say it’s a racing incident.
Lu In Tech
Lu In Tech 6 dagen geleden
No guesses who you support lol
David Mashishi
David Mashishi 7 dagen geleden
Alonso, leclerc
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