Drivers' Post-Race Reaction | 2021 British Grand Prix

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11 dagen geleden

Drama from start to finish! We caught up with the drivers after a sun-soaked race at Silverstone.

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Hope & Faith
Hope & Faith 2 dagen geleden
His speech is the answer his addiction to the adulations and being at a British track Lewis ego was behind the wheel...
nittojoe136 3 dagen geleden
Hamilton’s celebration after punting his competitor off track and sending him to the hospital is disgusting. X7 world champ by the way. Such a disgrace to sportsmanship
Kundan Kumar
Kundan Kumar 4 dagen geleden
(Toxic comment read at your own disgression) This going to be more aggressive race season. Mixed feelings about Lewis vs Max. They raced, they fought one crashed other survived and goes on to win the whole race with the same destructive mentality and says end racism. But it also makes me question the regulation of FIA and integrity of racing. What's McLaren pit crew is doing is totally on a different level. This way they will never be able to compete with Mercedes despite having a car that can pose a challenge. Something is seriously messed up.
carlos mendoza
carlos mendoza 5 dagen geleden
the valtery thing is shameful, great pilot but little courage little attitude, Mercedes minimized this man.
thAbstract 6 dagen geleden
It was a racing incident...neither driver wanted to back off and Max probably didn't know Lewis was still there. Max tried to hit the apex and Lewis was still there = racing incident IMO
nittojoe136 6 dagen geleden
Hamilton perfected that move at the expense of Albon’s career
Diego Manjarrez
Diego Manjarrez 6 dagen geleden
What a disgrace HAM
F1 game clips Ppp
F1 game clips Ppp 6 dagen geleden
How the race should ended ver lec ham (Idk why Hamilton is happy whit the win)
Art Adhyay
Art Adhyay 6 dagen geleden
Hamilton: It's a marathon, not a sprint. Hamilton at Silverstone: I'm just desperate to be first in the very first lap. Never mind that I sent my competitor into a 51G crash.
punch 6 dagen geleden
Where is P20's comment?
GD GD 6 dagen geleden
Lewis behavior is acceptable and understandable when he did nothing wrong. It was a racing incident and both of them are responsible. I agree he could've checked on Max and asked how he was doing but I wouldn't apologize either. I'm gonna enjoy the rest of the season for sure, looking forward to see all Max fans crying face when Lewis taking home his eighth😂
Vasu Soni
Vasu Soni 6 dagen geleden
Worst race ever.
Shubham Chauhan
Shubham Chauhan 6 dagen geleden
Valteri: we always worked as a team
Cyclonus VeilSide
Cyclonus VeilSide 7 dagen geleden
"i tought i was gonna have a heart attack" yeah you would, you cant take losing clown
HumanDevilGaming 7 dagen geleden
"I thought I was going to have a heart attack" If only... Dude, you got nothing to be proud of in this race after you pulled that dumb move. Netherlands will not be a pleasant stay, I can already tell that
Carlos Alberto De Oliveira
Carlos Alberto De Oliveira 7 dagen geleden
What's coming next might a jeopartized judgemment among race's inspectors throughout year, waiting for fails from both main drivers to fitting the willingly seats of the race one.
Burning MrB
Burning MrB 7 dagen geleden
Nobody steers in on the inside of turn 9! Everybody who raced there knows
63humanbeing 7 dagen geleden
Another chapter of total lack of sportsmanship… I thought Lewis will start by showing concern for Max (even if it was pretending)… I am struggling to understand the culture… A week ago the English fans bullied the Italian spectators after the UEFA final match. Last weekend, Lewis brutally slammed Max against a wall, than celebrated with the same fans a WIN… What sort of win is this and what on earth is wrong with these parallel pictures 🤔
Kris Kirch
Kris Kirch 7 dagen geleden
Clearly max verstappens fault.. if you have ever been on a track you would know.
أميرة الراقص.dancing princess
أميرة الراقص.dancing princess 7 dagen geleden
Milk Gang
Milk Gang 7 dagen geleden
Unbelievable that lewis is still laughing when he puts someone in the hospital.
Jose Aikee Fernandez
Jose Aikee Fernandez 7 dagen geleden
Celebrating while max is hospitalised... smh...
Kyle Lajot
Kyle Lajot 7 dagen geleden
"Proud*looks down and away from camera*... hehe" pssh proud that you almost killed someone
Haris Dar
Haris Dar 7 dagen geleden
what a drive from lewis
Lady luck
Lady luck 7 dagen geleden
Go to a Dutch channel and Express your opinions there
Lady luck
Lady luck 7 dagen geleden
Lewis should NOT be apologetic Lewis did nothing wrong both drivers could have back off....This is is Max driving style...Max don't care about Lewis humanity. Max and the Dutch are all cry babies...Lewis won with a driving penalty Move on. I can't stand Max and the redbull team...
Lady luck
Lady luck 7 dagen geleden
Go Lewis Hammer Time.....😎😎😭😭
Mike Yeates
Mike Yeates 7 dagen geleden
Well done Louis best driver 👍
Chris Long
Chris Long 7 dagen geleden
LESGO HAM! time to stick your elbows out now. You've given max too much room in the past. Now he must give you the room, show whos boss!
kafui B
kafui B 7 dagen geleden
Goooooo Lewis, continue to challenge Max at every opportunity. Do not back down. Max should apologize to Lewis for his history of dangerous aggressive driving.
Sniper Addict
Sniper Addict 7 dagen geleden
I Hate Lewis
Raphaelkungfupanda 7 dagen geleden
Lewis asked how Max was over team radio. VER fanboys need to get a grip.
UD2 7 dagen geleden
If you like unsportsmanlike losers, buy a Mercedes Benz.
adidasx45 8 dagen geleden
mazepin looks like a conehead
Geo Sebastian
Geo Sebastian 8 dagen geleden
It's very simple. If it was Mazepin that caused a life-threatening 51G crash for another driver (say Hamilton) at Silverstone, do you think the stewards would have issued the same penalties? *mic drops*
Moses 8 dagen geleden
Hamilton. Don’t even bother coming to The Netherlands.
G P 8 dagen geleden
Leclerc you are absolutely USELESS!
Robert Jeglum
Robert Jeglum 8 dagen geleden
Max had lots of room on the left.
Nguse NTA 50
Nguse NTA 50 8 dagen geleden
What wrong with this video 7.5K Dislike
Jose Pereira
Jose Pereira 8 dagen geleden
You are playing dirt with Max like Prost did with Senna
Richard Lumley Smith
Richard Lumley Smith 8 dagen geleden
Hamilton knows he had no chance to overtake and he knows it was not a viable chance but To To made it clear he wanted Max to be a DNF giving Mercedes to get back into race for titles! Hamilton fid as he was told to he knew if he did not overtake Max on first lap to win race!. Disgrace to history of Silverstone Race track!.
Sam Corson
Sam Corson 8 dagen geleden
Really disappointed in Lewis, total lack of respect after causing something that could have left another driver with serious injury's. Hopefully people hold onto this feeling and continue to remember this throughout the rest of the season. He should be apologising not celebrating.
darioza10 8 dagen geleden
he proved, he is a boy not a man
_ samygl0bal _
_ samygl0bal _ 8 dagen geleden
For me… lewis lost my respect after this
alt account
alt account 7 dagen geleden
Cry more
Larson will win the championship trust me
Larson will win the championship trust me 8 dagen geleden
I understand why hamsterton did it but it was a childish move he didn’t want to be humiliated infront of his home crowd and super max would have won
Ghost 8 dagen geleden
Hamilton does not agree with Hamilton ''Ultimately, if you ruin someone's race because of a mistake, and you're able to come back to a place ahead of the other person, that penalty doesn't outweigh your mistake. You shouldn't be able to finish ahead of the other person if you take them out of the race. It's like you're violating the speed, but just let you go,'' Hamilton revealed at the time versus skysports. - Hamilton 2018 Hamilton u a joke. U as worse as you british fans are. (euro + f1) cheer people into the hospital.
Chris Liddiard
Chris Liddiard 8 dagen geleden
people are saying Hamilton should have shown more humility. Generally speaking - Hamilton will take his que on how or when to celebrate based on on his pit radio at the end. His pit weren't sober or reserved about his victory. They conveyed a win, a well earned victory and he took that que and continued to celebrate the win. If every driver out there was sanquine about every racing incident, they would never race again.
Marko Laki
Marko Laki 8 dagen geleden
Where is interview with Max??????
MC Hammer
MC Hammer 8 dagen geleden
can't wait until we get dejected hamilton from after the sprint race back
Ruffle - The 2D Guy
Ruffle - The 2D Guy 8 dagen geleden
I´d love to see Fernando competing at the front again so much
karl-dimitrios Herler
karl-dimitrios Herler 8 dagen geleden
Justin Bieber, forgot his comments about Vettel in France 3 years ago. Can’t expect much ethics from a man that did nothing for minorities before they became an Instagram trend Disgusting
UnimatrixOne 8 dagen geleden
Absolutely NO RESPECT for Lewis left, absolutly nothing. He had no chance to make that corner! Want to punch his smile out of his face!
Steve Bennett
Steve Bennett 8 dagen geleden
All these negative comments because Lewis won. It’s Racing!. Max has hit many of his fellow racers and never apologised. If Max wants to win this year maybe he should choose the time to fight and yield position. He had the faster car and he could have got Lewis back, but Max does not have the maturity for that.
Paulapa Cham
Paulapa Cham 8 dagen geleden
Sir Lewis Hamilton 👑🥇🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Viperz Speed
Viperz Speed 8 dagen geleden
Lewis will always win without concern to others drivers or cars because he don't know how to yield.
Kartik K
Kartik K 8 dagen geleden
On the contrary, liberty media will be milking this all the way to the bank.
Pretorius Sarel
Pretorius Sarel 8 dagen geleden
Hamilton = VARK
supernehc 8 dagen geleden
start at 00:24 you're not missing anything in the front
TakeItOnline 8 dagen geleden
Lewis: Bananas Bananas banana na na Banana ban na na na
Marcell Tóth
Marcell Tóth 8 dagen geleden
U forgot Max's reaction
Alan is Life
Alan is Life 8 dagen geleden
Hamilton esta feliz por haber sacado a Max y haberlo mandado al hospital y en Mercedes se lo festejan como si hubiera sido un super logro. Hamilton es especialista en hacer ese tipo de porquerías, antes se lo ha hecho a otros pilotos. Esto es realmente vergonzoso. Saludos
MaTiX 8 dagen geleden
Hamiltons reaction is a joke, he should show some respect to the rest of the grid, he is not the only one on track, disgusting
alt account
alt account 7 dagen geleden
Cry more
Jaminevi Games
Jaminevi Games 8 dagen geleden
We arent racist!! WE ARENT UNFAIR!!
Łukasz Paluch
Łukasz Paluch 8 dagen geleden
Video starts at 0:23. Thank me later.
Vinod N. R Nikathuthara Rajappan
Vinod N. R Nikathuthara Rajappan 8 dagen geleden
I can't imagine zandvoort now
Юрій Тарасов
Юрій Тарасов 8 dagen geleden
Lewis Kvyat
Jordan Watt
Jordan Watt 8 dagen geleden
it wasnt lewis' fault
Qasam Wahid
Qasam Wahid 8 dagen geleden
Haha all the salty anti Lewis fans below. Grow up. Race hard or go home.
ant Nam
ant Nam 8 dagen geleden
Max needs to stop being too aggressive and endangering other drivers.
Alberto M.
Alberto M. 8 dagen geleden
Hamilton is a real gentleman...
Dabayare 8 dagen geleden
If MV was driving the Ferrari, he would have blocked LH like Rosberg did in Spain.
DOPEdwarf 8 dagen geleden
Pri strke
Pri strke 8 dagen geleden
Redbull wants to win drivers championship more than constructors 😂 sacrificed perez
SukhoiDan 8 dagen geleden
Mazepin has a funny looking shaped head, like an egg. And I fear he is a clone of his dad.
Melvin Wong
Melvin Wong 8 dagen geleden
What a race by Checo... To steal a point from Lewis. This is his job at RB and that's all.
Whoopsy 8 dagen geleden
sabbatical vessel getsa much deserved dnf , my race is finished there that moment , bravo champ
Sergio G Osorno
Sergio G Osorno 8 dagen geleden
No ale nada su triunfo. Por lo tramposo
Sergio G Osorno
Sergio G Osorno 8 dagen geleden
John Flynn
John Flynn 8 dagen geleden
This race confirms what most everyone has been thinking. Lewis Hamilton is the dirtiest driver in F1.
DOPEdwarf 8 dagen geleden
Alfredo Castañeda García
Alfredo Castañeda García 8 dagen geleden
I might be called crazy but Lewis is giving me psychopath vibes
DOPEdwarf 8 dagen geleden
ANDROXUS 8 dagen geleden
I think that "Email" was a 1 million Euros😳👌
HarryLord cco
HarryLord cco 9 dagen geleden
Maestro Alonso a por mas!!!
TheHellvar 9 dagen geleden
Lewis knew what he was doing
Tristanto Pambudi
Tristanto Pambudi 9 dagen geleden
Way to close point gap ? Take the competitor out
Twisttay 9 dagen geleden
How have you all not realized Lewis has always lacked sportsmanship. This isn't the first time seriously
J5L5M6 9 dagen geleden
RB sent Checo into the Mercedes den to get intel while Tom Cruise drove the race. Clever dogs!
Per Sey
Per Sey 9 dagen geleden
All that preaching about black lives matter then showing so little humanity and arrogance towards the situation and Verstappen.... Give up all the PC BS Lewis. Your breath is smelly. Agree, a basic mistake from Lewis getting over excited and out of his depth caused this misjudged move. Things will swing back to Verstappen and equal out.
Nicolas M
Nicolas M 9 dagen geleden
« Sir » Hamilton Doesn’t deserve it. Disrespectful and disgusting behavior
bvc100 9 dagen geleden
Doing the Hamilton cost him my attention, and maybe others too... Max for the 2021 win!
DOPEdwarf 8 dagen geleden
David Tolosa
David Tolosa 9 dagen geleden
What a driver! Latifi just cant have any haters
Jim Light
Jim Light 9 dagen geleden
Win at all costs is Hamilton's and Mercedes new motto.If you cant beat them,take them out.And as for taking the knee,it's a joke.
Teo S
Teo S 9 dagen geleden
Dont care about what ppl think but i honestly dont know how ppl are defending lewis on what happend
Jim Light
Jim Light 9 dagen geleden
Hamilton and Mercedes are a protected species. 10 second penalty is a joke, anyone else would have got black flagged.
Li0nheart 9 dagen geleden
Anyone not seeing now why so many people hate Lewis, really live in another dimension.
YaseMetal 9 dagen geleden
Lewis has started his mind-game, it's gonna be harsh game from now 🤣🤣
Ankit singh
Ankit singh 9 dagen geleden
I used to support Lewis in F1. But not anymore after this. He should have been more sophisticated and humble during celebration. Max, Chin up CHAMP. You'll recover much better than this.
General Decker
General Decker 9 dagen geleden
Dan needs a smile mask.
kevin n
kevin n 9 dagen geleden
Daniel Ricciardo interrupted an interview to ask about Max. So Classy. I knew he's the real deal. I also heard Charles ask on the radio. Another very classy guy. Lewis? Punt somebody off the track at almost 200mph & then celebrate. CLASSLESS. Welcome to the Albon club Max.
toshko 9 dagen geleden
Ham showed us his true colours in lap1
Calvin Smith
Calvin Smith 9 dagen geleden
I really hope when! Max does this to someone it's the same reaction . It's racing it happens who would intentionally do that at 200mph idiots both of them could of crashed . "If you see a gap and don't go for it your no longer a racing driver " right.
Igor Korolev
Igor Korolev 9 dagen geleden
the abnormal kukold clown is a killer
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