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Open for children across the globe from ages nine to 19, F1 in Schools is all about inspiring the next generation. The competition offers a focal point and real-world relevance to science, technology, engineering and maths - creating a fun and exciting environment for young people to develop their interest and skills in those fields and learn about potential careers available in Formula 1 and related industries...

For more on F1 in Schools, visit www.f1inschools.com/

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Gábor Králik
Gábor Králik 6 dagen geleden
F1: We care about sustainability. Also F1: Let's partner with Aramco. Saudi Aramco has both the world's second-largest proven crude oil reserves, at more than 270 billion barrels (43 billion cubic metres), and largest daily oil production of all oil producing companies. [Wikipedia]
林威志 11 dagen geleden
At least, Please provide English subtitles.
szewei1985 11 dagen geleden
Haha interesting
Drew Winkleminiski
Drew Winkleminiski 12 dagen geleden
I wish i woulda had something like this growing up
Facta. 12 dagen geleden
who gave you my number?
Varun Goel
Varun Goel 12 dagen geleden
Pat and anchor's discussion is scripted. He is reading in his screen.
Daniel Andrews
Daniel Andrews 12 dagen geleden
PLEASE DONT MAKE THE WHEELS BIGGER. You may go king to make the cars slower. Or make the minimum weight 45g
Abdur Rahman Usman
Abdur Rahman Usman 11 dagen geleden
Teaching the next generation eh
tiktok toyatoya
tiktok toyatoya 12 dagen geleden
This is so cool! I am jealous!
Cal Wiggam
Cal Wiggam 12 dagen geleden
Is it normal in England to say “maths”? Instead of math?
MeltingRubberZ28 12 dagen geleden
@Thomas "teached" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 keep 'em rollin bud 👌
Thomas 12 dagen geleden
@MeltingRubberZ28 you must be NA educated. Everyone else gets teached the proper English
Thomas 12 dagen geleden
@MeltingRubberZ28 it's called American English you smoothbrain
MeltingRubberZ28 12 dagen geleden
@Thomas "American" isn't a language
Antoine P
Antoine P 12 dagen geleden
Yes, “maths” is a contraction of “mathematics.” You guys just leave the s off the end.
Ricey Martin
Ricey Martin 12 dagen geleden
I was born too early for this. Would love to be part of this.
Daniel Hampton
Daniel Hampton 12 dagen geleden
Great program! Great host as usual!
sverre valkenburg
sverre valkenburg 12 dagen geleden
You can see clearly That hé was Reading what hé said 👎🏼
Yannick Lokur
Yannick Lokur 12 dagen geleden
I'm turning 9 on July 22 2021
Abdur Rahman Usman
Abdur Rahman Usman 11 dagen geleden
junjunhaha 12 dagen geleden
Not everyone has billionaire fathers.
ilsegugio 12 dagen geleden
I don't mind the car design, but the wheel covers could be the worst in motorsport history
Qwistro 12 dagen geleden
Imagine on school having a test drive. Everyone trying to drive the fastest time. Id be scouted by ferrari
Da Vinci6894
Da Vinci6894 11 dagen geleden
That is my dream, I wish the teams did track days/weeks for the public like what Renault did a few years back
sa rahman
sa rahman 12 dagen geleden
India included??
Shreya Patra
Shreya Patra 12 dagen geleden
Yes! *F1 in Schools* is only in Nagpur..
Avijit Ghosh
Avijit Ghosh 12 dagen geleden
guys i have a nice idea f0r F1 presentati0n..............whenever a driver wins a race he wiII get a "G0LD STAR" 0n his hat/cap.................and When they win champi0nship they get a g0Id badge 0n their chest [ Like army 0fficers ].............and f0r c0nstruct0rs wiII have Embroidery star 0n their unif0rm.............this wiII b c00I.
Boris Kusinikov
Boris Kusinikov 12 dagen geleden
That's one way to get more emploies.
Akmal Ibrahim
Akmal Ibrahim 12 dagen geleden
I got to watch F1 in Sepang for free through Bringing F1 to Schools programme back in 2007. Almost joined the F1 in Schools competition in 2011 but we missed the registration deadline (knew about it too late). This is a great initiative to get kids into STEM.
Rishabh 31
Rishabh 31 12 dagen geleden
I'm so jealous..
Remo Dluna
Remo Dluna 12 dagen geleden
I was the 1k like
Виталий 12 dagen geleden
Был бы перевод на русский.
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus 12 dagen geleden
Ganapathy subramanian
Ganapathy subramanian 12 dagen geleden
If only this was there in my school I would top the class
Alexandros The Triathlete
Alexandros The Triathlete 12 dagen geleden
Me too bro me too
Shreya Patra
Shreya Patra 12 dagen geleden
@Romain Névo Congratulations mate! Great to hear that!!
Romain Névo
Romain Névo 12 dagen geleden
Hey buddy, I just participated to world finals this year, and I swear, just beleive in yourself and not in your school. I succeded to make it while even my whole country didnt know the event
Arjun Babu
Arjun Babu 12 dagen geleden
But Indian schools wouldn't provide opportunities to improve
Flatout Flatline
Flatout Flatline 13 dagen geleden
I did f1 in schools One of the best things I've done
sumit naik
sumit naik 12 dagen geleden
@Flatout Flatline wow that's awesome , well if it's stressful i guess they were doing a great job at giving ypu the perfect experience, coz the races are quite stressful as well for the team
Flatout Flatline
Flatout Flatline 12 dagen geleden
@Akmal Ibrahim we did as part of our engineering class
Akmal Ibrahim
Akmal Ibrahim 12 dagen geleden
I knew about it too late and missed the registration. I was already in my last year of school too. Wish I had known about it sooner... It looked so much fun
Flatout Flatline
Flatout Flatline 12 dagen geleden
@sumit naik in terms of getting everything ready, very stressful but after getting to the competition it was fun, I also got to see FP1 of the 2019 Australian grand prix
sumit naik
sumit naik 12 dagen geleden
How was the experience ???
Sir.Craze- 13 dagen geleden
Inspiring the next generation to have extremely wealthy parents and to have started karting five years ago???? Oh, lol. Naw not even the fun stuff xD
Auzan Asyraf
Auzan Asyraf 12 dagen geleden
It's for the engineering part not the driving
Litre o' Cola
Litre o' Cola 12 dagen geleden
F1’s not just about the drivers…
momo 13 dagen geleden
You should have asked him about the Singapore Grand Prix with Renault
Donato Nocera
Donato Nocera 11 dagen geleden
@momo briatore is disagree with you
momo 11 dagen geleden
@Donato Nocera yeah haha
Donato Nocera
Donato Nocera 12 dagen geleden
shiny E.
shiny E. 13 dagen geleden
The female interview is too much of a sexbomb. It distracks. Please next time take their outfit and appearance into consideradion when presenting on open stage.
DataC0llect0r 12 dagen geleden
If this is a problem for you, you are the problem
Stupid Flanders
Stupid Flanders 13 dagen geleden
This sounds like your problem.
Dhritiman Nandi
Dhritiman Nandi 13 dagen geleden
Ok boomer
Ale 13 dagen geleden
History class be like: Gentlemen, a short view back to the past. Thirty years ago, Niki Lauda told us...
Drew Winkleminiski
Drew Winkleminiski 12 dagen geleden
Brilliant lol
Cool RR3 Guy
Cool RR3 Guy 12 dagen geleden
@Shreya Patra reporter: who is it to, who shall I ask the question Seb: he said me and Nico, you were not listening, can you deepest the question
Shreya Patra
Shreya Patra 12 dagen geleden
@AJ Racing *SEB: Can you repeat the Question?*
AJ Racing
AJ Racing 12 dagen geleden
@Cool RR3 Guy Question for you both. Is formula 1 driving today too complicated with 20 and more buttons on the wheel,
Cool RR3 Guy
Cool RR3 Guy 12 dagen geleden
@Kimi Bwoahkönen and later Nico Rosberg said I don't remember what race I pressed the wrong button
Michael Steffen Simonsen
Michael Steffen Simonsen 13 dagen geleden
Finally a face to that famous voice 🤩
D. V.
D. V. 13 dagen geleden
Nice female. Would totally do her.
Jonah Hekmatyar
Jonah Hekmatyar 13 dagen geleden
Not available, shame
BEAVIS Motorsport
BEAVIS Motorsport 13 dagen geleden
Pat Symons sounded very scripted.
Jordan Garcia
Jordan Garcia 13 dagen geleden
Rosanna got hams 👀
Lee Bull
Lee Bull 13 dagen geleden
Glad I'm not the only one 👀 giggity
2 Headed Geek
2 Headed Geek 13 dagen geleden
Great idea, incredibly terrible video, stop using key words, blue screen. Make this available to all schools. You are F1, a huge organisation, you should be visiting the schools and not them applying to you. Oh get cooler people on the video.
Akmal Ibrahim
Akmal Ibrahim 12 dagen geleden
@HyPrix There are people who don't even know about it. When I was in high school, I knew about it too late and missed the registration. And that was after having been a fan of F1 for more than 5 years since there's no promo about it in the F1 broadcast. Don't want that to happen to other kids.
HyPrix 12 dagen geleden
@Akmal Ibrahim why. People are lazy AF. Whoever’s interested will google it and find out, do research. You want everything easy.
Akmal Ibrahim
Akmal Ibrahim 12 dagen geleden
This should be done as an ad/promo, not an interview. They should upload a video explaining how to join this competition. More kids should be made a aware of this.
Rosso 13 dagen geleden
big minus for Pat for very obvious reading his parts
Dealer503 13 dagen geleden
A step in the right direction, the school system hasnt changed in many countries for decades. Learning should be fun and playful, i hope other companies see this and offer something similar in the future. Sad that the politic has such a limited view on learning.
Jojo Bee
Jojo Bee 13 dagen geleden
I envy the youth today! This future is yours for the taking!
Hussain Shikooh
Hussain Shikooh 12 dagen geleden
It’s a total scam. F1 in schools u create a small mini car and put it on a drag race and then even if u win you don’t do anything
RaulJosh97 13 dagen geleden
I would totally get my child to this program
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 13 dagen geleden
Love the new car - specially if it will improve the head to head racing !!
Robert Doornbos
Robert Doornbos 12 dagen geleden
It won't, it's still too long
Stefan Boatca
Stefan Boatca 13 dagen geleden
I really want f1 in Romanian schools
Minas Cholevas
Minas Cholevas 13 dagen geleden
I've been involved for 4 years in the past and it taught me more that I I've learned anywhere else.
Minas Cholevas
Minas Cholevas 11 dagen geleden
@Nikos Boutsikas σε ξερω φιλαρακι;
Nikos Boutsikas
Nikos Boutsikas 11 dagen geleden
Ρε ,φύγε από δω ρε μπρο
Banch1s 11 dagen geleden
@Da Vinci6894 All you need access to is a CNC machine, 3D printers and CAD/CAM/CFD software for the engineering side. And illustrator like software for enterprise stuff
Minas Cholevas
Minas Cholevas 11 dagen geleden
@Da Vinci6894 3-6 + any number of supporting members
Da Vinci6894
Da Vinci6894 11 dagen geleden
How many are in a team?
BIG G 13 dagen geleden
Who else is loving how the 2022 car looks?
vipahman 13 dagen geleden
This seems like Aramco glamorizing ICE over Electric. Aramco's interpretation of STEM is Suppress Technology of Electric Motors.
Love Pizza
Love Pizza 13 dagen geleden
Aramco is the FIRST CO2 emitter in the entire world. Their CO2 emissions in 2019 are estimated to be between 75 an 113 million tons. Such green! 🤡🤡🤡
Matheus Barros
Matheus Barros 13 dagen geleden
Hmmm i never know of that class,F1 classes maybe was be very cool,now wheres the Professor Raikkonen??
Preston Govender
Preston Govender 13 dagen geleden
I started watching F1 with my grandfather and also started to play games
Barry Braynen
Barry Braynen 13 dagen geleden
The same people saying “none of this should be involved in sports” would be happy if their kids were given the chance
ACAB 13 dagen geleden
@xXRazzRXx they should
xXRazzRXx 13 dagen geleden
Maybe by this logic they should give random people money
Kyle Dsilva Sr 2
Kyle Dsilva Sr 2 13 dagen geleden
2022 Teacher : What's your favourite subject Students : f1
Cool RR3 Guy
Cool RR3 Guy 12 dagen geleden
@andy Vettel I meant almost everyone
andy Vettel
andy Vettel 12 dagen geleden
Bruh bold of you to assume it won't be maths and physics
Cool RR3 Guy
Cool RR3 Guy 12 dagen geleden
that will be everyones
Will Churchill
Will Churchill 13 dagen geleden
What’s her name?
Just In
Just In 13 dagen geleden
Rosanna Tennant ❤️
Akaros 33
Akaros 33 13 dagen geleden
you should be ashamed because now people who are 100 years old will not be able to learn this great way
Thanaraj Jaindren
Thanaraj Jaindren 13 dagen geleden
I remember doing this in 2009. Probably the most high tech looking and coolest machine in my school was the CNC router
WriteorDie 13 dagen geleden
So when will we get the weekend warmup?
Gepstra 13 dagen geleden
Wen warmup
menon koonjul
menon koonjul 13 dagen geleden
Your dad needs big pockets thats F1 in nutshell class over
Louis 13 dagen geleden
Well ini dont have a dad anymore, i'm very sad.
AlejandroTheF1Fan 13 dagen geleden
You need a dad, well that’s a no from me
A M G 13 dagen geleden
Inspiring the next generation after they introduced a cost cap and teams had to make redundancies. Jokers
Kimi Bwoahkönen
Kimi Bwoahkönen 12 dagen geleden
Not everything is about money. I'd rather do a job that I enjoy and pays less for the rest of my life, than a job I absolutely hate but get more money out of it.
realHKV 13 dagen geleden
That's so cool, so sad i just passed school 😂
Marco Doboș
Marco Doboș 13 dagen geleden
Who comments his school starts earlier
Amir Hussain
Amir Hussain 13 dagen geleden
ForeverF1 13 dagen geleden
The F1 2022 car has just taken over my sub box!
Walter Brugger
Walter Brugger 13 dagen geleden
Casper2002 13 dagen geleden
There won't be a next generation of it's up to Aramco
Alex Batt
Alex Batt 13 dagen geleden
Planet Jupiter
Planet Jupiter 13 dagen geleden
Can I buy an f1 car from aston martin???
Trex3n20 12 dagen geleden
@Planet Jupiter ok
Planet Jupiter
Planet Jupiter 13 dagen geleden
@Trex3n20 ok I will post it sometime this week
Trex3n20 13 dagen geleden
@Planet Jupiter nice can you post a video of your laferrari? Like go outside and show it for 10 seconds
Planet Jupiter
Planet Jupiter 13 dagen geleden
@Eamon Monaghan Media ok I will stick to my laferrari
Eamon Monaghan Media
Eamon Monaghan Media 13 dagen geleden
@Planet Jupiter Well you can get a 2019 SportPesa Racing Point car.
furia nocturnape
furia nocturnape 13 dagen geleden
Joseph Stanfield
Joseph Stanfield 13 dagen geleden
Laerti Piperi
Laerti Piperi 13 dagen geleden
Negus 13 dagen geleden
Wonder what 2022 has in store
PRZM 13 dagen geleden
Shreya Patra
Shreya Patra 12 dagen geleden
Trex3n20 13 dagen geleden
Lewis = almost nothing without a number 2 driver
Eugene Taco
Eugene Taco 13 dagen geleden
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys 13 dagen geleden
Matheus Barros
Matheus Barros 13 dagen geleden
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