Mercedes And Red Bull Post-Crash Radio With The FIA | 2021 British Grand Prix

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Listen and look-back on the perspectives shared by the respective team members at Red Bull Racing and Mercedes with the FIA Race Director Michael Masi, after the crash between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

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Mottzhy 23 uur geleden
Chris: Michael, full blame on Hamilton Michael: Yea that's why stewards are under investigation Toto: I send you an email about the crash Michael: I don't have time to check but that's why stewards are investigating it Michael's wife: Honey, where are our house key? Michael: Yea that's why stewards are investigating it
dunkleyrealtlk_tv Dunkley
dunkleyrealtlk_tv Dunkley Dag geleden
Christian Horner you have a family. Leave Lewis Hamilton alone, or I will of spend the half a million to come for you
Arjen Vreeken
Arjen Vreeken 2 dagen geleden
After 8 days this can hardly be called news... So spare me the time ànd annoyance. Thank you.
yallow rosa
yallow rosa 2 dagen geleden
did Lewis knock at the door of Max? He actually took off his rear wheel ...
yallow rosa
yallow rosa 2 dagen geleden
0:47 Who is Jonathan?
ianiva 2 dagen geleden
Poor Masi, he doubles as a psychologist.
Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis 2 dagen geleden
Joke if it was the other way round where max had done that to Hamilton then I feel he would of had a bigger punishment, stewards scared to punish Lewis properly for some reason
Yible327 2 dagen geleden
RB: u can't overtake into Copse Ham: does it another 2 times without issue
Jithendra Parlapalli
Jithendra Parlapalli 2 dagen geleden
TOTO is out of box joker to ask the stewards read fckng emails during the race. 🤣🤣🤣
Piotrek 2 dagen geleden
The fact Toto instantly run to stewards with printed out chapter from the rulebook almost makes me believe, that in a briefing it was like "right, Lewis, whatever happens, dont back off, if you come together with max, we will make sure he takes the blame"
yallow rosa
yallow rosa 3 dagen geleden
Where is the call / email of Ferrari ?
yallow rosa
yallow rosa 3 dagen geleden
0:14 Lewis never put his front wheels ahead those of Max
MyGaming Den
MyGaming Den 3 dagen geleden
"Every driver that has driven at this circuit knows you do not stick a wheel up the inside at Copse" I think Hornet and me have been watching different races over the years
D-Boy 3 dagen geleden
Trisha Leow
Trisha Leow 3 dagen geleden
**michael checks his email. got rick rolled**
Axle Grind
Axle Grind 3 dagen geleden
in nascar they call passing someone in the corner and then cutting them off, "closing the door" in this case in open wheel, MV did not get the door closed
SileTa Mus
SileTa Mus 3 dagen geleden
So Michael told Toto to go directly to the stewards....
Tuli Márquez
Tuli Márquez 3 dagen geleden
everybody should know that this is the corner where Schumcher broke his leg
Connor Blair
Connor Blair 3 uur geleden
It was Stowe that Michael crashed and broke his leg in 1999, the track isn't the same as it was in 1999 compared to 2021
MD Peel Peel
MD Peel Peel 3 dagen geleden
Max getting a call from Pakistan, “We’d like to talk to you about your cars warranty.”
caner kose
caner kose 3 dagen geleden
10sec penalty for Hamilton was bull-S! Should have been a Bigger penalty!
Maurice O'Ray II
Maurice O'Ray II 4 dagen geleden
Mercedes races on the track. Redbull races behind the scenes.
Luke Leon
Luke Leon 4 dagen geleden
Special treatment to you know who
CRAIG LUCAS 4 dagen geleden
Horner wasn't saying that when vettel did it to alonso same corner... In fact he thought it was an amazing move... You can't say it OK for your drivers to do it but no body elses... Got no respect for rb no more jokers and cheats
Igor G. Sena
Igor G. Sena 4 dagen geleden
"Valtteri, it's Toto, check your email"
Jon Blizko
Jon Blizko 4 dagen geleden
A couple of Toto’s diagrams have been leaked to the formuladank subreddit
Djoko Prasetyo
Djoko Prasetyo 4 dagen geleden
Michael check his email "Hello I am prince from Nigeria need your help"
MusicLover 4 dagen geleden
It was not Max's corner and Christian is only upset that Lewis making a strong challenge and Red Bull now have a bill of £1.3 million which they're stretching their budget to pay !
jeff steyn
jeff steyn 4 dagen geleden
So many upset verstappen fans. Max been doing this to other drivers for years.
Rasmus Rasmussen VI
Rasmus Rasmussen VI 4 dagen geleden
Toto: Michael did you see my email? Michael: which one, your invite to dinner, or the one for a free holiday to the Maldives
Jan Michael Bais
Jan Michael Bais 4 dagen geleden
Toto: Michael i just sent you an email. Michael: Heeeee Heeeeee!
Ivan Reyes
Ivan Reyes 5 dagen geleden
I think this race shrunk Micheals life expectancy by a few years
AAA 5 dagen geleden
Maxes corner? Max saw him and yet he still decided to cut the corner. His own fault
iEdwardK 5 dagen geleden
That's the line I'm going to use next time I'm having a fight with my wife. "I've sent you an Email!" - Toto 2021
N A 5 dagen geleden
If Hamilton was on the outside and Max on the inside..." He squeezed Max, he could've given him more space, 100% Hamiltons fault."
aplexay 5 dagen geleden
Lewis really said "i was ahead there man"
celloap_ 5 dagen geleden
Senna and prost crashes at the first turn and they are not fighting or anything. But redbull like: yup, call the lawyer
Serkan Kalkan
Serkan Kalkan 5 dagen geleden
Islamic state claim responsibility
Serkan Kalkan
Serkan Kalkan 5 dagen geleden
Hello Michael,ummmm which account?
Mirza Pradika
Mirza Pradika 5 dagen geleden
Valtteri its James, there is not Hamilton’s fault, it yours. Valtteri : Copy
Render Yours
Render Yours 5 dagen geleden
FIA: "he was along side Max" Lewis: Hits Max in the rear right
Skanda Rajeev
Skanda Rajeev 5 dagen geleden
*was along side going into the corner, not after the corner
Tyrone Tapusoa
Tyrone Tapusoa 5 dagen geleden
Toto should next time send a fax
Nadir Ünal
Nadir Ünal 5 dagen geleden
There is no conflict. Everything is clear. Hamilton slowed down by hitting Verstappen's car. He was inside the corner before hitting Verstappen's car. He managed to stay outside the curve after the crash. Hamilton is 100% guilty of the collision on purpose. If Verstappen were not there, he wouln't be able to stay on the track with that non-slowing speed. He does't brake at all. He slows with the impact of the crash.
Hannu Tauriainen
Hannu Tauriainen 5 dagen geleden
10sec is a joke!
JTR 5 dagen geleden
Max was 100% to blame.
JTR 5 dagen geleden
"he should never have been in that position" he was alongside the entire time, if anything Max was in the wrong, if Hamilton didn't break and avoided Max's swerve he would have ended up in off the track. If the way you stay in front is by moving your car into people trying to pass you so that they're forced to break then you can't complain when somebody doesn't avoid you.
Faizal Khan
Faizal Khan 5 dagen geleden
Ham should be banned for atleast 10 races for dangerous driving.....
S 888
S 888 6 dagen geleden
Horner: " Lewis was no where near the inside of max in that corner and no place to stick a wheel in there" Everyone else who doesn't need glasses "Lewis had his car exactly side by side with max going in to the corner".
HornBill Flanker
HornBill Flanker 6 dagen geleden
Massive crash 🤣 huh I see the way Hartley crash in WEC 6 hours of Silverstone more than that, rolling up and down, side to side and still he walked away just like nothing happen. Max is just the kid too much drama king and a arrogant youngsters.
Tec On Tech
Tec On Tech 6 dagen geleden
Typical red bull whining. Max got what he deserved tbh, by far the most aggressive driver on the grid. Weaves all over the shop demanding track space all the time. Hammy gave him loads of room in the previous corners, if Max had done the same he wouldn't have ended up with a big headache. Hope he learns his lesson. The whole "sticking a wheel up the inside at copse" is BS, it's a race track, you can overtake anywhere!
Nam Le
Nam Le 6 dagen geleden
Monaco 2016. Cut the corner to overtake Daniel with no penalty. 2021: 10s collision, fix the car during the RED flag. Lewis is totally disgusting
GerardPedrico 6 dagen geleden
The analogy is that runner A runs against runner B in a cross country running race and they currently are racing side by side, neck on neck, on a country road nearing the finish line, so to speak. Runner B manages to outrun runner A at a sharp corner turn, and runner A is suddenly behind runner B. Runner A is feeling immensely frustrated. But before runner B fully clears away the sharp corner turn to then head for the finish line, runner A manages to extend his one foot just far enough to step onto the Achille's heel of runner B. Runner B stumbles to the asphalt and runner A then edges past runner B to claim the winner's victory tape ahead at the finish line. It sounds like cheating... Kind of.
RichardV 6 dagen geleden
So toto wolff went up to the stewards to influence the stewards??? That says it all!
RichardV 6 dagen geleden
Complaining about safety pitstops, even there was not a single incident …. But shooting someone off in the fastest corner who went sideways into the barriers Mercedes and Hamilton …. Do not mention safety and respect anymore, that is so unbelievable and hypocrite
Zac Doggett
Zac Doggett 6 dagen geleden
1:26 is that some of the Aston Martin pit crew looking after the safety car during the red flag hahah that’s kinda cool
Esoterique 6 dagen geleden
Max needed to take a slightly wider line not turn is as per usual when full well Lewis was there. Alonso one of the best wheel to wheel would have done just that and continued the duel but somethings are instinctive and cant be taught
Dennis Castaneda
Dennis Castaneda 6 dagen geleden
1 race suspension
mjchris 6 dagen geleden
Red Bull Losers. Verstappen's fault. Clearly to see. And Fact!
Zefanya Music
Zefanya Music 6 dagen geleden
‘’You don’t stick a wheel on the inside’’ boohoo, cry baby cry!! Obviously you are not a racer. That’s how you overtake! Anyone else notice more space on the outside of Max then on the inside of Hamilton. And did anyone else notice Max turn into Hamilton. Sky; Ooh no it’s all Hamilton’s fault. Lol You are a joke Sky!
RichardV 6 dagen geleden
Mercedes and Lewis lied through their teeth about being in front …… and that idiotic mail from Toto received a perfect answer by Masi!
Take & Bake
Take & Bake 6 dagen geleden
Hamilton should be stripped of the win!!!!!!!!!!!!
dex räikkönen
dex räikkönen 6 dagen geleden
Why is it so hard to act accordingly when things like this happen? Both teams looked bad, both drivers looked bad (overall), the race director looked bad, the stewards looked bad. Even the people commenting on it, usually look bad.
Andi Kristiyanto
Andi Kristiyanto 6 dagen geleden
Michael: "I don't access my emails, just send it directly to my bank account"
Jon 6 dagen geleden
"Michael, have you got a minute? If you don't bother looking at the replay and believe what I say instead, you might be convinced that Lewis was never anywhere near level with Max."
Ahmad Knio
Ahmad Knio 7 dagen geleden
Mercedes team is full of 💩💩💩💩💩💩
Ron Doty
Ron Doty 7 dagen geleden
Verstappen was all over the place
Влад 7 dagen geleden
Suzuka Circuit, 1990, first turn
Frenkie Master
Frenkie Master 7 dagen geleden
That E-mail contained a power point presentation by George Russell. The guy was multi tasking.
Eric YeahBaby
Eric YeahBaby 7 dagen geleden
"Toto, Christian, everyone!!! It's James... Let it go"
Dmitriy Fonck
Dmitriy Fonck 7 dagen geleden
- Toto, did you see the incident? - No. I wrote an e-mail.
Pap Ruben
Pap Ruben 7 dagen geleden
I will say what I say , I think Toto can be a .... sometimes, he talked to the FIA like he's ...
antony aiken
antony aiken 7 dagen geleden
"Yeah every driver knows you never stick a wheel inside at copse".. Is this guy delusional? Lewis did it twice more in the same race.... It used to be turn 1 and prime passing place for slipstream off the last corner..... Such a bafoon.
Juan Bonet
Juan Bonet 7 dagen geleden
Horner needs to stay away from the media and the Stewart's the same goes for toto before and during the race let the FIA do their job lobbying the Stewart's was absolutely disgusting
Giovanni Bracalone
Giovanni Bracalone 7 dagen geleden
Der da von England 👎👎👎👎
Mat Bird
Mat Bird 7 dagen geleden
If people actually went and looked at the rule book which has the diagrams Toto is talking about in them, they'd realise it's a racing incident but nah let's just make an unoriginal joke about the stewards being in Mercs pocket.
Nipun Kothare
Nipun Kothare 7 dagen geleden
Horner: How dare Lewis try to overtake
Burning MrB
Burning MrB 7 dagen geleden
Nobody steers in on the inside of turn 9! Everybody who raced there knows
Kasinda HTP
Kasinda HTP 7 dagen geleden
F for max
عبدالقادر الجزائري
عبدالقادر الجزائري 7 dagen geleden
So vettel in 2017 came alongside Lewis and hit him at 20 kph he got 10 sec stop/go penalty outside pit stop window, and lewis came alongside max and hit him at 300 kph he got 10 second penalty during pit stop, bravo consistency from FIA
Edward Onischenko
Edward Onischenko 7 dagen geleden
Toto: Michael, I just sent you an email. Look at the diagram... Michael: Yeah, but I'm busy with... Toto: LOOK AT THE DIAGRAM!!! Michael (looked at email) Your account is replenished by +100.000€... Michael: You need to go to the stewards as well. Toto: I'm coming up!
Ferdinandus Bubun
Ferdinandus Bubun 7 dagen geleden
At least 60 second penalty for lewis
Harvey Specter
Harvey Specter 7 dagen geleden
One would assume Christian has enough money to buy some glasses. When he claims Lewis wasn't anywhere near for example, Max his car camera show Lewis his front wing right under his mirrors and at exactly that time max increases his steering angle with 20 or 30 degrees, way more then needed to get on the apex so it becomes clear Max cut off Lewis and he got a taste of his own medicine. I like to see Max race. I have no hate towards the man at all. He is a talented guy and I believe RBR will win the championship this year. And that is 100% cool. As long as all of it happens fair. Max is known to be the dirtiest driver of his era, a new Michael Schumacher and although most people say it was a racing incident, I personally disagree. If you cut off someone at 190mph, hoping he'll back off, then you intentionally hit someone off the road, even when it backfires on yourself. If roles would be reversed and if it was Lewis steering so aggressively right trying to push Max off the road I would say the exact same thing and not support Lewis for a second. Despite who you support, it has to be played fair. Max was not on the racing line. He was too far outside because Lewis was in the way. Lewis was also not on the ideal line. Max steered briefly left and then hard right. That move is what caused it. Max feels that it was his corner and he had the right to do that. But rules don't back that: Lewis was 80% next to Max so it was his move to make as well and both drivers were responsible for not making contact. From the start, Max had been making contact with Lewis several times. FIA never say anything about that. This to stop. Max needs to learn the track is not his alone.
Chl D
Chl D 7 dagen geleden
Toto Wolff's call is absolutely hilarious xD
Jimmy Andersson
Jimmy Andersson 7 dagen geleden
Hamilton should have a drive-thru penalty for that, but in the e-mail was a 50%-off in the Mercedes web based gift-shop for the stewards and Michael..
Stewart Grindlay
Stewart Grindlay 7 dagen geleden
It’s great to hear the interaction but it shows that the teams are trying to get Masi onside when he rightfully says go to the stewards. It’s getting a bit much to hound this guy
james croft
james croft 7 dagen geleden
Wow F1 is a shadow of it's former self. Steward's working with only protect one driver and its image. Max would have got a penalty had it been the other way round.
Massive Diarrhea
Massive Diarrhea 7 dagen geleden
I still cant put a finger on why the email bit made me laugh. If anyone can explain to me why I'm laughing I'll be grateful.
Bill Gough
Bill Gough 7 dagen geleden
Look more carefully, Hamilton quickly sped up just at that moment before the collision, it was a professional foul, disregarding the consequences.
cinegraphics 7 dagen geleden
It's actually identical to what Villeneuve did to MSC, but in 1997 MSC was disqualified for the entire season, while this time at least they penalized the right perp. But only 10 secs. Shameful.
Ian Rodrigo
Ian Rodrigo 7 dagen geleden
That dude Hamilton is a wussss. Not a real driver.
Choong KS
Choong KS 7 dagen geleden
Sounds like a boss sending email to the employee
Bikers with Bibles
Bikers with Bibles 7 dagen geleden
Lewis should have been disqualified end of.
SuperFly 7 dagen geleden
After crashing MAX into a hospital > HAM was proudly waving his flag while brits cheered The whole world saw once again: who the brits truly are.
astrofiger 7 dagen geleden
Michael is one cool cat
Helder Jacinto
Helder Jacinto 7 dagen geleden
Toto is ridiculoss
Adnan faqeeh
Adnan faqeeh 7 dagen geleden
Michael this is toto I'm a wolff
waran bhaat
waran bhaat 7 dagen geleden
"Michaaal, this is Toto" "Go ahead Toto" "Michaaal, I think Valtteri clipped Lewis. He got into the wrong car..."
DAVE C 7 dagen geleden
Recent email exchange between Toto and Christian: Christian, did you get my friend request on Facebook? Toto, I am in the middle of a race right now... But I sent you the request four years ago
Bert Eijckmans
Bert Eijckmans 7 dagen geleden
mabye be a timeline when the actual calls were made would be meaningfull, actually I'm wondering how long it took to find DIAGRAMS and hit the SEND button ;)
Ciaran Selva
Ciaran Selva 7 dagen geleden
Horner is the definition of a sniveling weasel. How many times has mad max done things like this and he has quote called it "hard but fair racing". The 1st 8 cor ers alone hamilton gave him so much space and could of easily crashed...if he was doing it deliberately he would of done it on turn 1 where there would be no how do you know you're not getting taken out also.. RB are a joke.
Chris Loving
Chris Loving 7 dagen geleden
Hamiltons win on this race should not be counted and points should be removed
Emilio Honório
Emilio Honório 7 dagen geleden
Race incident.
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