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In the 'hidden war' between Red Bull and Mercedes, both teams have brought a raft of new upgrades and tricks to wrestle for the championship advantage at Silverstone. And they're by no means the only ones, as Tech Talk host Sam Collins explains on a walk of the pit lane.

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Pavan Latne
Pavan Latne 5 dagen geleden
Sticky uppy bits - Count - 06
Scott Bott
Scott Bott 6 dagen geleden
The best "tech trick" Mercedes used at Silverstone, was using the pit maneuver perfectly against the main rival. And... getting away with it.
PJ Ludda
PJ Ludda 6 dagen geleden
Oh, I thought the "Tech Tip" from Mercedes is: "The proper application of the front left wheel pressure to another car's right-rear..."
gggggggianni 7 dagen geleden
s t i c k y u p p y b i t s
Magicsenna 8 dagen geleden
This guy needs some fitness around the belly area😄
Nikolay Chilikov
Nikolay Chilikov 8 dagen geleden
HAAS: same car all year.
maxim debbaut
maxim debbaut 8 dagen geleden
When i saw the tires on the Aston Martin they looked really old, can they use tires from previous races while they are in the pits?
Fabian Gutierrez
Fabian Gutierrez 8 dagen geleden
All this is just a joke.. applause and applause a Toto y Hamilton kamikazes.., the little king is normal and obvius, but The olderr guy must be his inside child on the very very out of him stil...
NL Logic
NL Logic 8 dagen geleden
Mercedes Tech Trick: Pit maneuver at Copse Corner with full speed.
Leonardo Costa
Leonardo Costa 8 dagen geleden
Well.. I cheer for Max but that was a result of both drivers personality. None of them has historic of giving up but lately Max is being more aggressive then ever and in that case he's jumped radically into the Hamilton's car end left no time for any reaction from Hamilton's part. It's impossible to judge that case from footage because the footage doesn't show all the involved forces over a racing car cornering side by side over 260 km/h. The massive "cut" performed by Max was unfortunately the biggest component that brought the final format and taste to the cake.
dimsoneill 9 dagen geleden
Merc tech tip, go full torpedo!
B 9 dagen geleden
Mercs tricks were seen at copse.
Susan Upham
Susan Upham 9 dagen geleden
Take the Freakin mask off.
Jacob_panda 9 dagen geleden
Sticky uppy bits
Le geek de chépaou
Le geek de chépaou 9 dagen geleden
merc trick : B O N K verstappen and leclerc
astorothcr 9 dagen geleden
Redbull tech tricks: better engine with size 0 package, new aero etc. Mercedes tech tricks: sHAdoW REaLm
E Loredo
E Loredo 9 dagen geleden
So… what’s your MOST visited track if Silverstone is second?
Dodi Jamian
Dodi Jamian 9 dagen geleden
Mercedes Tech Tricks: Touch RedBull's rear wheel..."1 DNF away" instantly closed
joeynrf 9 dagen geleden
Does Hamilton his trick on Sunday also count?
7sq 10 dagen geleden
Take off the muzzle!
7sq 10 dagen geleden
No face diaper!
Pandamasque 10 dagen geleden
teams: introduce sticky-uppy bits Sam: The development war in F1 is still well and truly ablaze! Haas: * balalaika noises intensify *
Marc Nobel
Marc Nobel 10 dagen geleden
I need a Sticky uppy bits T-Shirt in my Life!
sebykos 10 dagen geleden
It would be so cool to employ Sebastian Vettel to make those car inspections.
Salvador Valle
Salvador Valle 10 dagen geleden
MaFIA powered by Mercedez !!!
Salvador Valle
Salvador Valle 10 dagen geleden
En la cámara onboard de Max Verstappen, se ve más claro que Hamilton lo toca, el piloto de Mercedes tenía que frenar y no lo hizo. Una pena que de esta forma quiera ganar el campeonato del mundo, creo que la FÍA debería seguir investigando la acción
Wanna Lon
Wanna Lon 10 dagen geleden
Merc trick: cause a collision!
Eddie Oliver
Eddie Oliver 10 dagen geleden
Venetian blinds will help keep costs down. They're dirt cheap on eBay.
Matt 10 dagen geleden
I wish i had my own Sam
ecc entricity
ecc entricity 10 dagen geleden
Stop with the masks. Its low quality virtue signaling
Adrian Lopez
Adrian Lopez 10 dagen geleden
Marcelo? Are you?
theSuhChef 10 dagen geleden
Writing "sticky uppy bits" on your resume for a F1 job will land you the job 🤣
Aldrin Mereria
Aldrin Mereria 10 dagen geleden
This man has a keen eye for details
Judden 10 dagen geleden
we missed you sam
hex 10 dagen geleden
F1 engineers speaking like: "The new sticky uppy bits on the thingy make the car go faster on the squigly bit of the track"
Ameya Godbole
Ameya Godbole 10 dagen geleden
Please dont show red bull car... Mercedes will start complaining
Gautaman S
Gautaman S 10 dagen geleden
Lewis and others worried about the train that F1 sprint will become. But I'm worried, is the sprint results only gonna co-relate with the race? Let's see.
MeltingRubberZ28 10 dagen geleden
Man I'm going to miss the 2021 cars. HONDA across the back wing on the RB, the sharp lines of these cars....guess we'll see how the new wheels look. Guess I'll have to let the 2022+ cars grow on me.
Olivyay 10 dagen geleden
I felt a wave of sadness when I realised the new rules from next year means we'll see much fewer sticky-uppy bits.
Le Spaz
Le Spaz 10 dagen geleden
more of this man please
dannyx27 10 dagen geleden
A close battle?? 😂 No no
BUGSYGb1 [GANG] 10 dagen geleden
Sticky Uppy :P Is that a technical term? :P
Andrew Lozovyy
Andrew Lozovyy 10 dagen geleden
Just for Notice - Lauda faded away, and everything is changed. Who saw the film Rush - you know what I am speaking about.
Han zee
Han zee 10 dagen geleden
Hojoz 10 dagen geleden
Why does this have to be sponsored too now?
Nitin Thakur
Nitin Thakur 10 dagen geleden
Haas should hire sam as their technical director 😂
Woef 10 dagen geleden
0:48 Masks are just for tv.. Oops! Forgot... ;)
Clement ddd
Clement ddd 10 dagen geleden
sharon chen
sharon chen 10 dagen geleden
05:03 Sticky uppy bits
Guenther Steiner
Guenther Steiner 10 dagen geleden
Nobody notices when I have new magnets on the fridge. Yet they can spot a tiny change in a cars floor 🤬😡
saish shetty
saish shetty 10 dagen geleden
I thought it was Marcelo 😂
AD 10 dagen geleden
2:22 pit stop too fast, almost like red bull, reported to FIA for being unsafe
Jejaka Misteri
Jejaka Misteri 10 dagen geleden
kudos to Liberty Media with these kind of media/fan engagement. Would not be possible 10 years back
Rodolphe Ndessabeka
Rodolphe Ndessabeka 10 dagen geleden
Unfortunately in the case of Mercedes the upgrades are not enough. We need 3 truck loads of new parts just to keep up with Redbull.
Tudor 'Teus' Mihai
Tudor 'Teus' Mihai 10 dagen geleden
Just when I thought the tech talk couldn't get better, it does!
BUYMORE 10 dagen geleden
sam clown
Deff 10 dagen geleden
The secret to why they're doing so well is because they designed their cars to be fast
SASraceCAM 10 dagen geleden
is there any news on banning the merc front wing it flexed more than the redbull rear wing that they banned or is it 1 rule for merc and 1 rule for redbull
Andrews 10 dagen geleden
Those Mechanics standing around while he talks about the car look like NPCs waiting to be spoken to :D
jafifi83 10 dagen geleden
SUBS (Sticky up bits)
Khizar Ibrahim
Khizar Ibrahim 10 dagen geleden
Sam 'Esteban Ohcon' collins
Socca 10 dagen geleden
I just love Sam nerding out about minimal aerodynamical changes. He just explains those sticky-uppy-bits so perfectly
BobbO410 10 dagen geleden
I love how the official technical term used by f1 media still is "sticky uppy bits" ahah..
DelphiPascal 10 dagen geleden
"Why have they dropped off?" well Sam we all know the reason for that lol
Anco 10 dagen geleden
We need a sticky uppy bits counter
Aswads Aswad
Aswads Aswad 10 dagen geleden
It's cool how close he can get and put the camera.
rachit agarwal
rachit agarwal 10 dagen geleden
Khizer Ahmad
Khizer Ahmad 10 dagen geleden
I want to know which track he visits more than silverstone
Hakan Yıldızhan
Hakan Yıldızhan 10 dagen geleden
Sticky uppy bits counter: 5
heya337 10 dagen geleden
I just love that "sticky uppy bits" is now a professional technichal F1 term
Azizulrahman Mohamed
Azizulrahman Mohamed 10 dagen geleden
Watch out lewis, this time max triggered fire his front wings on the grid.
Gertol 10 dagen geleden
Super interesting video! Love how you get up close to the cars to show the changes. It gives also a sense of the atmosphere there, I like that.
Tyrone Harrison 🏳️‍🌈
Tyrone Harrison 🏳️‍🌈 10 dagen geleden
Bottas just sitting in there like 👊🏻👁👃🏻👁👊🏻
Brian Asciak
Brian Asciak 10 dagen geleden
lot of home work, but this what makes F1 great
Guillermo Parra Malvaez
Guillermo Parra Malvaez 10 dagen geleden
Que grande Marcelo hablando de la F1 en inglés!
Tanay Uplanchiwar
Tanay Uplanchiwar 10 dagen geleden
Why crypto?
asimb0mb 10 dagen geleden
Sam "Sticky Uppy Bits" Collins
David Cowley
David Cowley 10 dagen geleden
Where are Red Bull getting their traction from, I've noticed before on the exit of tight slow to us corners how quick the Red Bull puts the power down. For sure the overhead shot of the sprint race start, it stood out a mile, bothe Red Bull Cars left the rest of the grid stood still.
IronBroadsword1 10 dagen geleden
Love this ep of Sams Notebook!
DatMomoAgain 10 dagen geleden
is it showing this video is not available for anyone else?
Jay Wagh
Jay Wagh 10 dagen geleden
I like the part where he says "sticky uppy bits"
Sharp_Stone 10 dagen geleden
Jack Plooij standing in the way at Red Bull haha
Adrian Rodrigues
Adrian Rodrigues 10 dagen geleden
Mechanic at 0:44 be like "Say Whaaatttttt"???????? LOL
R R 10 dagen geleden
wish youd show what williams has been up to to make GR get to Q3
Viewer 10 dagen geleden
This is F1
PetrolheaTT 10 dagen geleden
Go and have your ridiculous hair cut!
Wjs Sid
Wjs Sid 10 dagen geleden
2:47 when the ziggo cameraman has to pull Jack away hahaha
iinsoon 10 dagen geleden
Guys give us a great pit stop for both Lewis and bottas :)
Bryce Peters
Bryce Peters 10 dagen geleden
Funny thing is. Aero is only 1/4 of what makes a car fast. And its the only visible part that you see. Im sure teams bring dozens of updates to the weight distribution, power, and suspension every week.
Vectro42 10 dagen geleden
I don’t think the tyres are going to last today.. the wear is unbelievably high
Bugsy Malone
Bugsy Malone 10 dagen geleden
Can anyone still take this guy serious? Sam "Verstappen isn't the real deal" Collins.
Jasjeet Singh
Jasjeet Singh 10 dagen geleden
Tech Talk pronounces like Tik Tok, and now i cant unsee it
Pedro Ferreira
Pedro Ferreira 10 dagen geleden
Congrats on the big pilot @Sam Collins. Excellent choice 👏
Karanveer Singh Dulku
Karanveer Singh Dulku 10 dagen geleden
The mechanics : you can look but you can't touch 😂
Lee Mcnamara
Lee Mcnamara 10 dagen geleden
Virologist have historically worn cotton bandanas to filter viral particles....
Jeremie 10 dagen geleden
Sam, on your next tech talk, I’ll take a shot of gin every time you say “sticky uppy bits.” Anyone wants to join me?
Little Lili
Little Lili 10 dagen geleden
Zulu Bunsen
Zulu Bunsen 10 dagen geleden
The mechanics are like "Shussh, don't talk or he'll notice you!"
Vijay Shelke
Vijay Shelke 10 dagen geleden
I hope checo has great comeback
Matthew Ganibi
Matthew Ganibi 10 dagen geleden
Sammy C is a man of the people… don’t ever change Sticky Uppy Bit Sam 🙌🏻
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