Pirelli's F1 Past And Future | F1 Tech Talk | Pirelli | 2021 British Grand Prix

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Learn about Pirelli's rich history in F1, and how they are playing a key role in helping to usher in a new era for our sport...

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Gabriel Cifuentes
Gabriel Cifuentes 5 dagen geleden
We have to think in more sustainable materials for the tyres, and all components of the car
MrZillaman73 6 dagen geleden
Why aren't they enlarging the brakes, even later braking!!
kentech1179 7 dagen geleden
The F1 future should be without Pirelli, and with another more competent manufacturer instead.
Hussien Alsafi
Hussien Alsafi 8 dagen geleden
batmon 8 dagen geleden
He meant "virtual"
Cat Face
Cat Face 9 dagen geleden
Sachin Ramesh
Sachin Ramesh 9 dagen geleden
I’m really confused are the wheel covers gonna be there or not?
Ryan and Tech
Ryan and Tech 9 dagen geleden
Make the cars louder please.
V8Hilux 10 dagen geleden
I swear those wheel trims are off an 80's Corvette! Also, seeing as they wanted to simplify the front wing, can they please explain why they are back up to a 4 element front wing, compared to the 3 element model they began with? Surely the inclusion of DRS is also a sign things haven't gone as planned in the design phase.
MrRizzmeister 10 dagen geleden
That was a pretty long tire commercial
Han zee
Han zee 10 dagen geleden
Mizyuchoppa 10 dagen geleden
Real Life Tamiya
Abduh Ariq
Abduh Ariq 10 dagen geleden
These tyre might be Pirelli way of protesting on F1 as they keep changing regulation for last 10 years, especially in the last 5. The colored tyre. 2017 new car tyre. The Hypersoft tyre that only last few years. Now 2022. Development costs forced Bridgestone to leave Formula 1. Making a tyre closer to those used in real life could reduce the development cost for all racing categories and consumer market.
Ben Blakemore
Ben Blakemore 10 dagen geleden
As a fan i must say i dont like those aero disc things. They just seem so far removed from a "car" aesthetically?? LETS HAVE A SET OF NICE RIMS!!!
Ryan O'Keefe
Ryan O'Keefe 9 dagen geleden
And an open cockpit, open wheel, Formula 1 car isn't? lol.
TheConfidentNoob 11 dagen geleden
I’m going to miss this era of F1 cars and Pirelli tyres
Kraut4Kanzler 11 dagen geleden
No tyres fail compilation :(
Randima Dadigama
Randima Dadigama 11 dagen geleden
This isn't a tech talk
DJ 11 dagen geleden
I wanna see Seb, Ham, Max, Kimi (if he stays) Bottas, George, Lando, Ricciardo, Carlos, Charles, Alonso fighting for the championship. I don’t just want 2 drivers fighting I want another year like 2010.
Prime Anomalous
Prime Anomalous 11 dagen geleden
Improve time not race around a track!... Thats F1...
sarif samudra
sarif samudra 11 dagen geleden
Pirelli longest safe and boom exploded tyre failure the more we race the more tyre failure all blame pireli for safety
Tejas Naik
Tejas Naik 11 dagen geleden
Bono, my tires are gone!!!
Arsenic 11 dagen geleden
*sets a new fastest lap*
Sergio 11 dagen geleden
Nice step backwards
Galactic Jellyfish
Galactic Jellyfish 11 dagen geleden
F1 is killing the sport with the weight and technology
Euglent Zeqaj
Euglent Zeqaj 11 dagen geleden
With the tyres lasting longer, less pit stops will be, and more boring will the race be. Well done FIA for ruining the sport.
Warin Gusena
Warin Gusena 11 dagen geleden
Miss battle bridgestone vs michelin tyre
Verybadtime 11 dagen geleden
With bigger Tyres and bigger Cars cant wait to sleep through Monaco next Year.
Politelemon2 11 dagen geleden
F1 has talked soo much about how drivers will now be able to race harder and closer but something that should also be looked at is pirelli and their tyre choices. Will the tyres now be like the tyres in 2013 where there were more stops and a bigger job with the strategies, or will the tyres now last more than 1 race distance like it is now?
Eino Wäre
Eino Wäre 11 dagen geleden
It is amazing that in the entire history of Formula 1, not once has Pirelli had a tire fail because they were badly made and couldn't sustain the stress of F1 cars for long runs. Not once has there been a sudden tire failure that was a result of a bad design or poor quality, they have always been perfectly consistent performance and are very predictable ! All the failures have been because of debris on the track !
LegitDucks 11 dagen geleden
My 1989 Accord has 13 inch wheels, what about my tires?
Tarmouta Biayre
Tarmouta Biayre 11 dagen geleden
It's not fair, we need Michelin & Bridgestone into the arena, that's sport....
Ryan O'Keefe
Ryan O'Keefe 9 dagen geleden
No we don't.. it's been proven in MANY forms of motorsport that different tyres create massive disparities in the performance of the cars. It's also impossible to govern.
rebecca Chua
rebecca Chua 11 dagen geleden
Peter Machala
Peter Machala 11 dagen geleden
...what about drivers' backs (spine), will the new car be more stiff? (so also maybe more failures because of everything shaking more?)
Azhar Fikri
Azhar Fikri 11 dagen geleden
I was expecting Sam Collins doing this tech talk..
original_pokey 11 dagen geleden
Make every race a two stopper and they have to use all three compounds!!
Santhosh Sundar
Santhosh Sundar 11 dagen geleden
That's what she said!
Batters56 11 dagen geleden
All that talk about the tyres and they go and put space savers on the real thing?
Gla ZeD
Gla ZeD 11 dagen geleden
Why not go back to days were teams can make there own wheels those cars were so cool
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown 11 dagen geleden
F1: Forces higher tyre deg to improve the racing F1: Forces lower tyre deg to improve the racing
Ryan O'Keefe
Ryan O'Keefe 9 dagen geleden
Deg is not wear.. F1 wanted to increase the tyre wear, not the degradation. degradation is the tyre failing rapidly when being used outside of the ideal window (like following another car or sliding). The ultimate goal is to have a tyre that doesn't get degradation but wears quickly for better racing. You can then push the tyre and take it above it's ideal heat range when trying to attack another driver, without jeopardising your race strategy.
CoffeeOwl 11 dagen geleden
2020 and 2021 season show that Pirelli can't design a tire for modern F1. FIA had to force teams to slow down by changing floor regulations. Even with that massive help Pirelli still failed - Baku two dangerous unexpected blowouts, one of them potentially fatal.
CoffeeOwl 11 dagen geleden
"after many years of development..." and dangerous tires' blowouts
Fred does XC
Fred does XC 11 dagen geleden
*tyre not tire
Jiří Váňa
Jiří Váňa 11 dagen geleden
superb tyre S
Jo Don Lee
Jo Don Lee 11 dagen geleden
Just wondering, how come other tyre manufacturer like Michelin isnt here??
Arsenic 11 dagen geleden
As was said, because since 2011 Pirelli are the exclusive tyre manufacturer for F1.
Julie Taylor
Julie Taylor 11 dagen geleden
Pirelli knowledge transfer from F1 is so great that the best performance road car tyres remain Michelin, Continental and Goodyear 😂
Grisu Sc
Grisu Sc 11 dagen geleden
Not to mention all the tyre blows that happend. When there was Brigestone and Michelin they were actually holding an entire race!
CoffeeOwl 11 dagen geleden
10 years of Pirelli's monopoly in F1, 10 years of develo...failures.
Robert 11 dagen geleden
Awesome contents, the tires is vital but so often overlooked !
Shalem Jackson
Shalem Jackson 11 dagen geleden
"Robust Beasts" 😂 tell that to Lewis.
Arsenic 11 dagen geleden
Tell that to Max!
Jonathan Kateega
Jonathan Kateega 11 dagen geleden
Actually hoped this would be more than just another PR video
jim s
jim s 11 dagen geleden
Umm I thought the new tyre would be lower profile. Looks only to be a tad bit lower profile than currently.
MaximumOversteer 11 dagen geleden
Will we be seeing v6s again?
Lucas Ortiz
Lucas Ortiz 11 dagen geleden
Man, those wheels and tyres are HUGE!
Ryan O'Keefe
Ryan O'Keefe 9 dagen geleden
It's a current front and a new rear... misleading.
Viktor Powers
Viktor Powers 11 dagen geleden
Mario hmm?
u u
u u 11 dagen geleden
Buxton: what modern technology did you use ? The pirelli guy: we used Modern Technology
CoffeeOwl 11 dagen geleden
we used a rubber this time, not pasta
Inesha Pandigama
Inesha Pandigama 11 dagen geleden
No pitstops for perez then.His engineer's job is easy now,Just say Go Longg....😅
waran bhaat
waran bhaat 11 dagen geleden
If the whole idea is to reduce the gap between rich and poor teams and for them to race more closely, why not have a single engine and model like Indy 500 ? AND if that's not the objective why not multiple tyre suppliers ?? Afterall there's also a constructors championship that matters so let's pit the likes of Pirellli, Michelin, Bridgestone against each other.
ErrikOS MANOYSAKHS 11 dagen geleden
@waran bhaat it is not abou manufacturers having beef with f1. It is a matter of safety. An arms race even in tyres could have concequences similar to the 2005 us gp or worse
waran bhaat
waran bhaat 11 dagen geleden
@ErrikOS MANOYSAKHS Right. But every tyre manufacturer has had a beef with F1 including Pirelli themselves in the 70s and 80s. When there's money and fame at offer tiffs don't last long. I'd really love to see Mercedes, RB, Mclaren and Ferrari split between rival tyre suppliers and such factor being decisive in race wins
ErrikOS MANOYSAKHS 11 dagen geleden
2005 us gp that's why
RK 11 dagen geleden
This all sounds great but larger wheels means more unsprung weight, so that will be an interesting component.
Arsenic 11 dagen geleden
Yes I've been thinking about that as well. ATM the tyre is what, about half of the suspension travel. That'll definitely change.
Roberto Cinà
Roberto Cinà 11 dagen geleden
Pirelli una garanzia 😉
Fergus 11 dagen geleden
Is there still talk of the wheel covers using LED displays?
Mario Bajardi
Mario Bajardi 11 dagen geleden
It's coming to Roma !!! Italia :)
Bennus 11 dagen geleden
I hate the 6 wheel car
Viv 11 dagen geleden
Why do they need to give us a wheel size history lesson just to sell us on the 18 inch ? They left out the Bridgestone days..
Viv 12 dagen geleden
So utterly spectacular : shows redbull squeezing merc to the kerbs
CoffeeOwl 10 dagen geleden
@Arsenic You don't understand. You have to always leave the space, when a car is on your side. You can't force anybody to leave the track, no matter what. That's the problem.
Arsenic 11 dagen geleden
@CoffeeOwl Max was ahead, Lewis was behind, the corner was Max's and Lewis knew is and took evasive action. The end.
CoffeeOwl 11 dagen geleden
few days ago someone was complaining about the rule "always leave the space for the driver" when PER went wide on the gravel. Oh, that was Helmut Marko, RBR.
HONDA CIVIC takahasi
HONDA CIVIC takahasi 12 dagen geleden
Kulvinder Bhogal
Kulvinder Bhogal 12 dagen geleden
I still wish that they would bring back engines that revved really high. It would be interesting to see what today’s engines would do at the speeds that they used to work at years ago.
Luiz Henrique Oliveira
Luiz Henrique Oliveira 12 dagen geleden
I love the hub caps, reminds me Brawn 2009
Arsenic 11 dagen geleden
I never liked them, not even in the Brawn year. I want to see magnesium rims, glowing brake discs!
Sourabh Baburaj Creations
Sourabh Baburaj Creations 12 dagen geleden
It’s time for Apolo tyres 🤓
Kidyugi1 12 dagen geleden
2030 f1 is going to hover. Mark my words.
EM GEE 12 dagen geleden
the only reason to buy Pirelli tires for you car is so you can tell people you have Pirelli tires on your car.
kertaspaper94 12 dagen geleden
I just want to know how heavy those tyres are
Ryan O'Keefe
Ryan O'Keefe 9 dagen geleden
Wheel rims are lighter than rubber tyres.. there is more rim and less rubber.. they will weigh the same, if not, less than the current wheels. The tyres in the footage are a current front and a new rear, which makes them look very different in size.. the new size is only slightly larger.
Maky 6969
Maky 6969 12 dagen geleden
Less Tyre Management... Checo: U sayin something mate?
Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson 12 dagen geleden
People saying, "great no more managing the tires" forget, F1 used to be like this before and the races were painfully boring. This will remove strategy choices (like 2 and 3 stops races) and make everyone effectively do the same thing. Additionally, low deg removes the effectiveness of the under AND overcut. I think this new feature will prove to be an error, but we'll see.
Ryan O'Keefe
Ryan O'Keefe 9 dagen geleden
@Mike Jackson disagree on what? I'm not hear stating opinion.. it's fact.. tyre deg is not tyre wear. I explained the difference to you. Google it.
Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson 9 dagen geleden
@Ryan O'Keefe We'll just have to disagree.
Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson 9 dagen geleden
@Dean Su I also fear the engineers will neuter the effectiveness of the new rules in terms of following one another. They did it before, there's no reason to believe that they won't again. Yes, the FIA said they will step in if teams do, but that should make it a guarantee. Do you see Mercedes letting Red Bull keep their cars un-followable without doing the same? I love the intent of all the rules, but sense many will fall flat and leave one team supremely ahead. The question will be, who.
Ryan O'Keefe
Ryan O'Keefe 9 dagen geleden
Degradation is very different to the actual wearing of the tyre. Tyre degradation is damage to the tyre caused by the tyre being taken outside of it's ideal window.. tyre wear is simply the tyre wearing out and becoming slower. Drivers will still need to look after the tyres to prevent excessive wear, but the degradation will be reduced in situations like one driver following another with reduced downforce. A worn tyre will still be slower than a fresh tyre - meaning overcuts and undercuts will still 100% be a thing... The only thing that should change is a driver not being concerned about catching another driver to attempt a pass, in fear of increasing tyre degradation.
Dean Su
Dean Su 11 dagen geleden
I think the hope here is that the aero is sufficiently developed that most of the strategy can take place on the track, wheel to wheel, instead of just in the pits, so they bring back the more resilient tyres
Lewis Collins
Lewis Collins 12 dagen geleden
There's a disturbing lack of Sam Collins in this video
Pedro Pulido
Pedro Pulido 12 dagen geleden
does this mean the new tires will be more efficient at lower temperatures?
Spike S
Spike S 12 dagen geleden
Theyre going to have to be in a couple years. May as well start figuring out how to make a tyre that won't be able to be pre heated now. Let's hope they can get it right.
Tenacious _E
Tenacious _E 12 dagen geleden
Not a mention of any of Pirelli failures or how Bridgestone dominated the M Schumacher years.
Ryan O'Keefe
Ryan O'Keefe 9 dagen geleden
Bridgestone dominated because they only had to make a tyre for 1 type of car, instead of for multiple cars... any manufacturer with the same scenario would have had the same result.
Fred does XC
Fred does XC 11 dagen geleden
@Blueturtle honk
CoffeeOwl 11 dagen geleden
@Blueturtle honk
Blueturtle 11 dagen geleden
Well, yeah, of course f1 aren’t gonna clown on one or their biggest partners
Barry Braynen
Barry Braynen 12 dagen geleden
Lewis and perez are gonna go the whole race without stopping😂
Fikri Rahman
Fikri Rahman 12 dagen geleden
talking pirelli tyres but no mention of tyre fiasco during 2013? or silverstone 2020 and baku 2021? too convenient.
Maky 6969
Maky 6969 12 dagen geleden
they've conduct an investigation about strolls and max's tyre on baku, they said that it was something about the pressure of the tyres. In 2020 silverstone, lewis got a puncture if i remember.
Gkกุหลาบ ไฮยเวย์
Gkกุหลาบ ไฮยเวย์ 12 dagen geleden
V8hacker 12 dagen geleden
Bring back Michelin they're better
Spike S
Spike S 11 dagen geleden
@footballcoreano no. Just no.
footballcoreano 11 dagen geleden
@Spike S pirelli is better than bridgestone.
Spike S
Spike S 12 dagen geleden
I find it funny that when Bridgestone left, Michelin wanted to come back, but only if f1 moved to an 18" wheel. F1 said never, and now here we are. I agree that I would like to see Michelin, or Bridgestone back. But with all the bad press the tyres get due to the FIA wanting them to perform like they do, I don't know if any tyre company would want to come back. If I was in charge of a tyre manufacturer, I would stay away from a series that wants their tyres to drop performance like a stone after 15 laps.
Cragz UK
Cragz UK 12 dagen geleden
Am I the only one who wants to fast forward to the 2022 season ?
Tom O
Tom O 12 dagen geleden
This was a nice press release...
Dr. Respect
Dr. Respect 12 dagen geleden
Spoilers, the larger boy racer wheels will make the cars slower
SlacKerZ1 zzz
SlacKerZ1 zzz 12 dagen geleden
Not the tech talk I wanted..
Cloxxki 12 dagen geleden
Progress in F1: less suptle tires that demand more suspension travel while adding significant unsprung weight and greater air drag.
Mitchell Crowder
Mitchell Crowder 12 dagen geleden
This isn’t tech talk
André Dornelles
André Dornelles 12 dagen geleden
Pirelli's official reason for change: closer racing. Real reason: so Verstappen would think twice before kicking a bigger 18" tyre after explosion.
Paul Cotter
Paul Cotter 11 dagen geleden
@Lukas Morfeld The smelling pisstake, off course
Lukas Morfeld
Lukas Morfeld 11 dagen geleden
@André Dornelles i guess my joke didnt really come across then lol
André Dornelles
André Dornelles 11 dagen geleden
@North East tks for spotting that buddy
André Dornelles
André Dornelles 11 dagen geleden
@Lukas Morfeld 'think' and not 'thing'
AlphaAce15 11 dagen geleden
@Lukas Morfeld Most probably Tyre vs Tire. British Vs American English..
cookie2011 12 dagen geleden
they put too much priority on straight line aerodynamics, making cars look like drag racers (long) and taking away everything from handability in tight spaces and overall drivability, which is essential for tight and exciting racing. basically making drag racers at detriment of f1 racing. best f1s body for racing are from 90s
Vonelle 12 dagen geleden
Me waiting for Sam…
Ruben Filipe Novais Castelo
Ruben Filipe Novais Castelo 12 dagen geleden
I like the 2021 cars better then the 2022 car the 22 car looks simpel the 21 car looks like art work so mutch engeniring
Spike S
Spike S 12 dagen geleden
Still rather have ANYTHING that was pre 2009. These cars are way too big, and heavy, and they're getting heavier each year. The cars from the late 90s to the late 2000s were masterpieces. The way they would change direction was astounding. Last, but first, they sounded like you took a Tazmanian devil, and a wolverine, placed them in the same 3X3' box, and shook I up.
Theninjagecko 12 dagen geleden
F2 speeds to go with it, No thanks.
McLaren fans Serbia
McLaren fans Serbia 12 dagen geleden
It is time for Bridgestone!
daniel judin
daniel judin 12 dagen geleden
They're not the fastest in the world. Last years cars were
Sasanma kabablo héma le baron
Sasanma kabablo héma le baron 12 dagen geleden
Hamza Chaudhry
Hamza Chaudhry 12 dagen geleden
The bigger, heavier tyres will probably slow down pit stops
Emkai 11 dagen geleden
Pit crew about to be on steroids
Robson Macedo
Robson Macedo 12 dagen geleden
Remove that wheels cover.
Jordan Garcia
Jordan Garcia 12 dagen geleden
Rosanna 😍
talkin takos
talkin takos 12 dagen geleden
Quick shower thought: how many kilograms of rubber is left on the track after an F1 race?
Beatrice Gelo
Beatrice Gelo 9 dagen geleden
@Ryan O'Keefe alright
Ryan O'Keefe
Ryan O'Keefe 9 dagen geleden
@Beatrice Gelo The car is weighed at the end of the race and has to meet a minimum. You add weight be picking up rubber. The weight of the car is increased by the amount of rubber collected. Increase means to elevated/add/inflate... Has nothing to do with the weight of the car at the start of the race vs the end of the race due to fuel loads.
Ryan O'Keefe
Ryan O'Keefe 9 dagen geleden
@Beto López I would say that maybe 1% of the marbles on the track are collected by the drivers.
Beatrice Gelo
Beatrice Gelo 10 dagen geleden
@Beto López what? i mean, cars’ weight can’t increase due to fuel loss
Mark S
Mark S 11 dagen geleden
Ted Kravitz actually calculated this for china i believe it was, and i remember its around a 200 Kg of rubber discarded
d-__-b 12 dagen geleden
"Are you sponsored by pirelli or...'
Koshy Koshy
Koshy Koshy 12 dagen geleden
Is next year cars will be slower than this year ?
sean robinson
sean robinson 12 dagen geleden
chinoel Deejay
chinoel Deejay 12 dagen geleden
Why is this not on the app?
Gaurav Khanna
Gaurav Khanna 12 dagen geleden
Perez - Does this mean I can start with hard compound and don't pit?
141slick 12 dagen geleden
Pit crews might need to push more weight in the gym looking at those bad boys
141slick 9 dagen geleden
@Ryan O'Keefe Jamed Allison himself said the tires will be heavier
Ryan O'Keefe
Ryan O'Keefe 9 dagen geleden
Rims are lighter than rubber.. there is more rim and less tyre.. the overall weight will be the same, if not, less than the existing tyres.
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