F1 LIVE: British GP Post-Sprint Show

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12 dagen geleden

History made - F1's first Sprint is in the books. Soak up all of the reaction live from Silverstone with Will Buxton and special guests.

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Hussien Alsafi
Hussien Alsafi 8 dagen geleden
NAGNEAU Gang 9 dagen geleden
the shadows ruined their stands 🤣🤣
fernando cicero
fernando cicero 9 dagen geleden
Alonso master class
TheMightyAntar 10 dagen geleden
I think you should forget all about qualifying for the sprint race and instead use a reverse grid based on the finishing positions from the previous GP. It would ensure that the sprint race was really a significant addition to the weekend.
Antonio Vellucci
Antonio Vellucci 10 dagen geleden
socioster 10 dagen geleden
F1, Can't you see that the F1 offial coverage is getting to biased in favour of the British drivers? The presenters and commenters are supposed to communicate in English not to be fans.
Ballsyisgod 10 dagen geleden
Commentators always have a bias in favour of 1 person/team in one way or another. F1 in general have bias towards certain drivers, look up the epg for the F1 sky channel and see who pops up most.
RalfsStuff 10 dagen geleden
Palmer about George: "I think he'll get away with that" FIA: "Did someone say 3-place grid penalty?"
Paul Silas
Paul Silas 10 dagen geleden
No, not wheelspin, just poor start.
Thomas Tzikas
Thomas Tzikas 10 dagen geleden
everyone keeps saying that the sprint race was a success and something positive and exciting....am i missing something??? it was a shorter version of a boring race to come tomorrow...Fernando had a great result, but even he, will drop back down to where his qualifying position was on Friday. He can't make the car go faster than it can actually go.
RazingMandre 10 dagen geleden
What was Jack Plooij (Ziggo, Netherlands) on about, meming in the background the entire video?
Avgeek India
Avgeek India 10 dagen geleden
Thanks to Sakhir, the least we expect is a podium from perez
Chris 10 dagen geleden
Tbh the race was fresh, really enjoyed it! Also I'd like to see the points changing to what F1 used to have, 10-6-4-3-2-1 for the 1st 6 places, may give more of incentive for people to push more for that 6th spot?
Abhinav M
Abhinav M 10 dagen geleden
Other F1 drivers: Soft Tire, Medium Tire Alonso: Red tire, Yellow Tire ... LOL
HONDA CIVIC takahasi
HONDA CIVIC takahasi 10 dagen geleden
Mathew Beattie
Mathew Beattie 10 dagen geleden
Collins with his hair, what a legend 😁
Burg-Meister_Sim 10 dagen geleden
lol Jack Plooij gets quietly booted from the back of the shot at 1:06
Googl Reviews
Googl Reviews 10 dagen geleden
Definitely visible how frustrating this track is for Gasly.
Channel Z
Channel Z 10 dagen geleden
sri vishnu
sri vishnu 10 dagen geleden
Only 4 drivers maintained their place. Perez: 😒
Jimena Gateño
Jimena Gateño 10 dagen geleden
Madhulika Rao
Madhulika Rao 10 dagen geleden
that intro is amazing lol
Vivek Nair
Vivek Nair 10 dagen geleden
They totally overlooked Kimi. Idiots
DroneScapes By Atellani
DroneScapes By Atellani 10 dagen geleden
Both Max and Lewis are great drivers. Nice fight. I was sure Lewis could take Max in the first few laps. Both of them are quite amazing. I look forward to see this battle go on all season long. British drivers in general are really impressive this season. We also need Ricciardo back to his greatest self.
Harshit Mathur
Harshit Mathur 10 dagen geleden
12:27 Narrator: He did not get away with that.
P M 10 dagen geleden
Everyone is vaccinated, standing at a distance. Can we stop the mumbling from behind the masks now? How much longer must the charade be perpetuated?
Christian Barney
Christian Barney 10 dagen geleden
Palmer knows his thing, doesn't he.....awesome insights
Jim Destiche
Jim Destiche 10 dagen geleden
My question - why were the medium compound tires blistering and the softs weren't?
Pureleeful. 10 dagen geleden
Go to 30 mins into the video for the explanation. 👍👍
vdbdg 11 dagen geleden
Bizarre concept with more to lose than to win. Teams can’t optimise the cars which isn’t what F1 is about. The qualifying was great but is undermined if they risk their place in this mini-race that’s not the race.
Black Rose
Black Rose 11 dagen geleden
Alonso deserves a better car!! Shame he fell out with honda because perez is hit n miss!!
Rastafisherman Fiji
Rastafisherman Fiji 11 dagen geleden
fan heaven 2 races in one weekend love it!!!!
RICKOVERZ DREAM 11 dagen geleden
Change Engines!!!!! Please..turbo v6 has GOT TO GO...we all miss the SCREAM
Michiel de Ruyter
Michiel de Ruyter 11 dagen geleden
Paul 11 dagen geleden
I enjoyed the lack of the things that Lando bemoaned being absent. Pretty pure driver and car.
Procat Procat
Procat Procat 11 dagen geleden
Nice to see some talent presenting. Recently it's just been a case of ticking every minority box going, irrespective of talent. That's called positive discrimination, and is the new form of discrimination for our generation.
ntlespino 11 dagen geleden
5:38 a wee bit early cutting back to the presenters desk? 😁
Joseph Bergman
Joseph Bergman 11 dagen geleden
I want to put this where the F1 will see it, I tried to watch qualifying live but I was not able to do so and then I tried to watch in on demand and my tv provider wouldn’t load the program. Not sure what was up there but super excited that there’s something to watch every day of the weekend. Builds the excitement, keeps me more interesting and can allow for even more and varied strategies.
Stop Wasting- use ShareRing! - sharering.network
Stop Wasting- use ShareRing! - sharering.network 11 dagen geleden
Jack Plooij doing a little photobombing there in the beginning… we see you jack! 😂
L TG 11 dagen geleden
The atmosphere and fans in Austria were just a bit better lol...
3series35i -
3series35i - 11 dagen geleden
Whoever made that outro edit needs a raise cause it got me so hyped
CrazyHorse151 11 dagen geleden
I dont think i need the sprint race. Doesnt really add anything. It just takes away from the qualifying.
Rikka Nair
Rikka Nair 11 dagen geleden
Enjoyed having fans in the stands and didn't care about the quali, had a mega start calls the tyres red and yellow, Fernando Alonso is Just a Badass Old School Racer.
KieferClarkF1 11 dagen geleden
Will wearing his Alpha Tauri shirt. And I love this sprint format, they should keep it!
Franklin Niester Jr
Franklin Niester Jr 11 dagen geleden
Graham Hobbs
Graham Hobbs 11 dagen geleden
Ross - what are you doing??? You've spent years trying to add excitement to a formula where overtaking is all but impossible - then you intro a race where IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. I enjoyed 'Quali' far more than the sprint
Pablo Llorens
Pablo Llorens 11 dagen geleden
They want to make f1 more balanced but if Alonso gets a winning car... he will completely ruin the competivity
The fleeing dutchman
The fleeing dutchman 11 dagen geleden
Dozer Drives
Dozer Drives 11 dagen geleden
..why are we having a countdown for a video/program that is not live anymore!?.. cut this out, guys!...
Stephen Tuthill
Stephen Tuthill 11 dagen geleden
It's not F1..... What are they doing to our sport!!!!!!!
Sir Lewis Hamilton
Sir Lewis Hamilton 11 dagen geleden
Hello Stephen, how're you doing?
Formula Neo
Formula Neo 11 dagen geleden
This was absolutely amazing! And if we can just change the names and historical significance it will be PERFECT. Friday needs to carry the weight of history. And maintain the legacy of pole position meaning the one with the fastest lap. Otherwise it kinda means nothing and devalued the event incredibly. 😢 Saturday needs the be called “The Sprint Race” it dose not devalue Sunday at all. Or Saturday for that matter. That was so fun and exciting it needs NO justification. Just call it what it is, give em the points and tiny trophies. And Bobs your uncle.
RichardV 11 dagen geleden
Hamilton having the quickest engine and less downforce and still Max was on top!!
timonxDlol 10 dagen geleden
This was a sealed deal after the start. Verstappen pretty much won it in the first second
Beer Brewer
Beer Brewer 11 dagen geleden
From P6 on back the field was over 30 seconds back in only 17 laps. Midfield needs to step things up.
Max- Packages
Max- Packages 11 dagen geleden
Monza sprint🚥🙃
radonjamarinkovic 11 dagen geleden
You can present it as exciting but its not and its against a F! DNA. Max won pole position by winning a sprint race? LEts remove quali filly and just random pick starting grid for a sprint as its now pointless.
Jason Figlioli
Jason Figlioli 11 dagen geleden
Alonso “Iam going to make these guys look like a Yoke !!! Race engineer “Yes”
SquidCaps 11 dagen geleden
As a fan since 91, i love the sprint race, and the friday "pre-qualification". Yes, i'm that old...
Rain 11 dagen geleden
I prefer the normal old-school format qualifying, why to fix or change. OK, more action is great as we all love to watch F1-racing, but something seems not right to me considering car set-up tracktime and parc-ferme.
julesnatural 11 dagen geleden
Surprised, he didn't get a penalty for weaving multiple times, including just before the zone right in front of Vettel. "But hey, he held back Vettel" Uhm. Yeah. Partially WITH the weaving that could have been dangerous and which he was not given a black and white flag for on any of the other incidents before with Norris.
Nik Naim Norisham
Nik Naim Norisham 11 dagen geleden
Nah, vettel is too far behind
Aswads Aswad
Aswads Aswad 11 dagen geleden
Cringy Ted from sky sports sneaking in the background as usual. He normally trys to get himself seen on the excellent channel 4 coverage for some reason! The idiot. 😂
Santiago García Berzosa
Santiago García Berzosa 11 dagen geleden
Más MAGIC que nunca, gracias Fernando
T Drum
T Drum 11 dagen geleden
Guido de Vries
Guido de Vries 11 dagen geleden
Jack Plooij in scene looking for something is something best part of this entire vid
Ballroom Blitz
Ballroom Blitz 11 dagen geleden
He is looking like he is a falcon hunting for a prey in the fields. Look at that focus
Jeroen Bons
Jeroen Bons 11 dagen geleden
S I L V E R S T A P P E N ...>>>> bring it on.
Sir Lewis Hamilton
Sir Lewis Hamilton 11 dagen geleden
Hello Friend, how're you doing?
DiRoX YT 11 dagen geleden
nice new format. but i think since it’s experimental they shouldn’t get points for it. or it’s extended to the top ten like 3 points for the top3. 2 point for next 3 and 1 point for the last 4. like now its getting away the opportunity for the midfield to put pressure to the top. a driver like max is now able to get some point from pole and it makes it easy to compensate a dnf. and maybe now if you are p7 or p6 so p7 ( respectively p4 and p11) may not risk too much but especially for the midfield having 1or 2 or even 3 points does. might bring some more action to the sprint. sorry for bad english.
Brick Island
Brick Island 11 dagen geleden
I’m pretty sure mr Palmer would have called for a penalty if it was George getting punted off by Sainz.
A Bel
A Bel 11 dagen geleden
Red Bull are being book ends at tomorrow’s race.
Sir Lewis Hamilton
Sir Lewis Hamilton 11 dagen geleden
Hello Friend, how're you doing?
El Diablo RT
El Diablo RT 11 dagen geleden
When are the masks coming off?
Whitewalker 11 dagen geleden
Very messy! Messy commenting, didn´t here what you where saying and the sprint rules are messy. No one have still explained the sprint rules clearly enough.
loopje 11 dagen geleden
Put the fastest cars on the hard tires.
Sophia Übergänger
Sophia Übergänger 11 dagen geleden
Sophia Übergänger
Sophia Übergänger 11 dagen geleden
Love him😂🧡
TByrom 11 dagen geleden
WE. LOVE. SPRINT RACES!!! More of that, please
NoVaxcine 11 dagen geleden
I predict the red bull will not last the weekend. There is more stress on the package by running flat out for 17 laps then doing a full race tomorrow. Mercedes have proven reliablity
Ronald De Regt
Ronald De Regt 11 dagen geleden
@Sir Lewis Hamilton So you gonna Win the Race on Sunday?
Sir Lewis Hamilton
Sir Lewis Hamilton 11 dagen geleden
Hello Friend, how're you doing?
Ronald De Regt
Ronald De Regt 11 dagen geleden
@NoVaxcine Max won it last season at the 70th Anniversary GP. He had a Worse car and started P4. So my bets are on Max. But i guess its better for the Championship if he doesn't Win😅
NoVaxcine 11 dagen geleden
@Ronald De Regt don’t get me wrong I’m for max winning or Lewis doesn’t phase me. Just my thoughts
NoVaxcine 11 dagen geleden
@Ronald De Regt wise decision
darthamidala 11 dagen geleden
inflatable2 11 dagen geleden
Mazepin must have loved the sprintrace.. He did not get lapped..
Axel Omar
Axel Omar 10 dagen geleden
Just another spin race for him
Ryan O.
Ryan O. 10 dagen geleden
*this time
jonljacobi 11 dagen geleden
Hamilton really needs to back off the entire engine thing. It may be true, but it sounds petty and entitled from a guy who's won 6 out of 7 championships. Just say they seem to be faster and congratulate them. Whether you mean it of not.
Scott Brunner
Scott Brunner 11 dagen geleden
Checo is throwing opportunity with desperation.
Marco Van Eersel
Marco Van Eersel 11 dagen geleden
Disgusting masks!! PCR test a few times a week and probably also injected and they still have to be worn
polvorin70 11 dagen geleden
Esta salida de fernando es para enseñar al resto como salir. Y tomar de ejemplo a cualquira que piense en ser algun dia piloto.
Kakha Khmelidze
Kakha Khmelidze 11 dagen geleden
Unsporting, idiotic sprint race.
House Station Live .com
House Station Live .com 11 dagen geleden
norris and perez huh ? thoses two has already some histories with each other !
House Station Live .com
House Station Live .com 11 dagen geleden
3 firsts laps was great, 14 following absolutely unecessaries.
Tahmid W
Tahmid W 11 dagen geleden
Wahmilton :"I can't win (cries)."
inflatable2 11 dagen geleden
It was kind of fun for a few laps (like every (re)start is), but it will be even more fun if you make it a reversed grid sprintrace of say 50% GP distance of 150km.. The grid for that taken from the last GP result.. Give 1 to 10 points for it so it means something and keep it completely separate from the classic F1 format of Qualification (poleposition) and the GP.. That way you do not mess with the classic format but you'll add a lot more action from an extra reversed grid printrace.. Everybody happy I think.. Now it's just a mess with a sprintrace being forced into the classic format, where you end up with a poleposition winner that's not the qualification winner but the sprintrace winner.. That's just very weird and I'm not a fan of that.. Keep the classic F1 format and statistics separate and intact..
Irrational Geographic
Irrational Geographic 11 dagen geleden
The crowd reaction to Russell is the exact reason Hamilton doesn't want George at Mercedes while he is there.
Irrational Geographic
Irrational Geographic 11 dagen geleden
@James Pumphrey Also the fact that Toto is Russells manager, Russell saying hes open to going to a team outside of the Mercedes umbrella, I cant see how this situation is not going to get really messy.
James Pumphrey
James Pumphrey 11 dagen geleden
pretty much summed up Totto Wolf's problem
Mario Driessen
Mario Driessen 11 dagen geleden
The fact that most drivers will not start in the same position as in qualifying, could very well be because of the fact that Perez, who started on fifth, fell all the way back. It’s not like every driver gained a place by their own merits.
RL9 Bayern
RL9 Bayern 11 dagen geleden
F1 2021 really shows how "greatest of all time" is like when the cars are more equall
Lukáš Szabó
Lukáš Szabó 10 dagen geleden
@Mrudul Kollara We will kindly agree to disagree then. I believe the cars are close enough in pace to allow for the driver skills to shine through and let the better driver win. :)
Mrudul Kollara
Mrudul Kollara 10 dagen geleden
@Lukáš SzabóMy point exactly, but they have different runs of forms lately though, although I still feel that the redbull car has more pace overall, but that's just my opinion.
Lukáš Szabó
Lukáš Szabó 10 dagen geleden
@Mrudul Kollara Checo is an awesome driver and so si Bottas. You will not find a bad driver in the top teams. And the 2nd drivers can be used as a benchmark to see how dominant the lead driver is. Bottas is usually close to Lewis when it comes to pace and quali. But Checo to Max, not even close. Simply put, Max is flying lately, which could easily explain the 2 tenths he had on Lewis in Austria and the slight edge he had during the sprint. Though Mercedes has shown to be the better car in the quali for the sprint.
Mrudul Kollara
Mrudul Kollara 10 dagen geleden
@Lukáš Szabó I'm not saying that it's only due to the car, yes, max is in better form than Lewis this year, no doubt, but there is a factor of the car as well, the red bull does seem to have better pace. But, despite that pace advantage, right now, bottas is in better form than checo right now I would say.
Lukáš Szabó
Lukáš Szabó 10 dagen geleden
@Mrudul Kollara Bottas beats Checo - it's the driver. Max beats Lewis - it's the car. Seriously, you Hamilton fans are attempting to pull off quite a bit of mental gymnastics here. Max is simply the better driver this year. He finally got the experience he needed to become consistent and he got a competitive car roughly equal to Mercedes. So the fight is on, finally a season that is not a "Mercedes 1-2 and a battle for 3rd"
Matt Claypool
Matt Claypool 11 dagen geleden
Russel is dragging that car to places it does not belong. Hopefully, the race pace is there tomorrow so he can get some points in that Williams
Anirban C
Anirban C 11 dagen geleden
Dear Ross, absolutely did dilute the weekend.. ruined the surprise around the tires.. now everyone will adjust their strategies for the actual race.
Vincent Ras
Vincent Ras 11 dagen geleden
British presenters talking about British drivers. Meanwhile Max owns Lewis.
Le-WiiSs 11 dagen geleden
It's ok but I prefer the normal qualifying
jonljacobi 11 dagen geleden
I like it. More racing. More consequences. Qualifying gives you an advantage, then a race settles where you start the big show from. More chance involved on any given weekend, but the cream should still rise to the top in the long run.
vangelis sotiropoulos
vangelis sotiropoulos 11 dagen geleden
Alonzo to Red Bull, please!
KieferClarkF1 11 dagen geleden
Will never happen because of the Honda connection. Many Honda engineers are staying with Red Bull to work on the Red Bull engine which will be an evolution of the current Honda engine.
TBKFAMEFLAMEDK 6 11 dagen geleden
No more gimmicks! No more sprint races! Stop ruining F1!
FloppyHares 11 dagen geleden
Pfffffff. LOL
Luciano V. Perdomo
Luciano V. Perdomo 11 dagen geleden
Perez will make a 1 stop work and finish at least top 5
YouTube Commenter
YouTube Commenter 11 dagen geleden
What is this with Bottas' used softs that the midfielders and Ferrari were supposed to be concerned about?
Manmohan Shankar
Manmohan Shankar 11 dagen geleden
The idea was to jump Max with the soft tires and give Lewis a free run.
Vimal Beniwal
Vimal Beniwal 11 dagen geleden
i really hope we have charles vs max next year having their old history of "racing incident anf thats not fair incident" . done with the old guards...
neuronmind 11 dagen geleden
Jack Plooij from Ziggo sports annoying in the background...
Steste Ste
Steste Ste 11 dagen geleden
Perez got Seb virus.....
lammie001 11 dagen geleden
Nobody wants to speak to jack plooij haha.
Henk Janssen
Henk Janssen 11 dagen geleden
Jack Plooij from Ziggo Sport in the background struggling to get an interview :(
Mario Driessen
Mario Driessen 11 dagen geleden
Literally just standing there for 38 minutes doing absolutely nothing. I want a job like that and be paid for it.
Jon Snow
Jon Snow 11 dagen geleden
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