Hamilton Back To Winning Ways, F1 Sprint Reaction And The Best Team Radio | 2021 British Grand Prix

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Emotions were running high during a historic weekend at Silverstone! We enjoyed the inaugural F1 Sprint before an enthralling race in front of Silverstone's adoring returning fans. Tune in for the best of the airwaves.

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dreamcode dreamcode
dreamcode dreamcode 3 uur geleden
looser this year :)
fffogg 19 uur geleden
Toto's email sent to the stewards was a money transfer....we all know Mercedes owns F1....this crash never happened....
Nicolas latifi
Nicolas latifi Dag geleden
Nicolas latifi
Nicolas latifi Dag geleden
LouisPrudhomme Dag geleden
I'm kind of confused though, I thought Monaco was HAM's home Grand Prix.
Toyo Tires
Toyo Tires 2 dagen geleden
Seems like Hamilton has a thing of taking out red bull drivers
Guys Smt
Guys Smt 2 dagen geleden
1:51 RedChickens coming wall 2:10 Mother RedChickens angry with lot of talking and analyse Just race man, Max is oblivious to doing the same thing with another driver. Lets fight, dont to be RedChikens
alex ktmsmr
alex ktmsmr 3 dagen geleden
the best pilot is A. Senna
d c
d c 3 dagen geleden
its just dawned on me that Toto had a email ready to go for the incident that was totally 'accidental'
Mohamad Zaroura
Mohamad Zaroura 3 dagen geleden
A wise man once taught us a lesson and told us : Don't trust Lewis Hamilton on the inside , especially when you're in a Red Bull
Jeff Bruce
Jeff Bruce 3 dagen geleden
I dont get how no one was within 10 seconds of lewis. How did he get the penalty and walk across the line?
Patrick CAMBIER 3 dagen geleden
I am sorry to note that Christian Horner, like Marko more ever, is gradually locking himself into manipulations and now pure lies… To say it is impossible to overtake from the inside in Copse is an untruth…Hamilton did it 3 times during this one Grand Prix… Christian is now thinking that repeating an untruth will transform it into truth…he would have become a worshiper of a certain Boris J……, Great Master in the matter… This is not racing !
tiger saux
tiger saux 3 dagen geleden
Get in there Lewis! Its been a long time coming!
Waqas Durrani
Waqas Durrani 3 dagen geleden
Hamilton back to winning by Cheating 🤦‍♂️
Keyboard Racing
Keyboard Racing 3 dagen geleden
Why always this happen. When Bottas is faster than Hamilton team orders stop Bottas. Now everyone can see clearly Hamilton tries to block Max but it went wrong and collided both. But Stewards helping Hamilton all the time. What is this ? When this going to stop ? Earlier they stop Bottas all the time now this. Totally destroying the sport. Wining with help always when things going hard. I hope Max is ok with this accident physically and mentally. So disappointed about British Grand Prix 2021. 🤬 And also Kimi just killed the engineer. That's Kimi. 🤣🤣
Jeff Nguyen
Jeff Nguyen 4 dagen geleden
Christian Horner, Helmut Marko and the 3.7k of the Cuck Army disliked this. Glad to see they are the minority.
T. H
T. H 4 dagen geleden
vineeth krishna
vineeth krishna 4 dagen geleden
Kimi should have scored a point for that radio. "Wake up".
Richard Gold
Richard Gold 4 dagen geleden
You mean Hamilton back to cheating ways? Bruhs he playstationF1online shunted Verstappen's rear wheel except here you don't press exit, go to the lobby and enter another race, here you crash 275kph into tyre barrier with a nice little 51G. If I ever seen a black flag situation, this was it, but the stewards are too much of wimps to use it!!!
NowNoon 5 dagen geleden
Some please edit Hamiltons "Get in there!!!" at the moment him and Verstappen touch, thanks 🙏 😂
Reality 5 dagen geleden
Hey max fan, i hope ur 10th birthday is very enjoyable, its 65%lewis fault 35%max
Heribert Fassbender
Heribert Fassbender 5 dagen geleden
Everyone: dafuq is lewis doing F1 NLfast: YEAAHH Lewis *extreme fangirling*
Sarthak Ghosh
Sarthak Ghosh 5 dagen geleden
man KIMI legit just completed the post race discussion in a simple line
youssif alshaibani
youssif alshaibani 5 dagen geleden
Hamilton most be panch from fia because heas behavior on track or same one will take revenge against him one day
Manapon Meow
Manapon Meow 5 dagen geleden
HAhaaaha savage Kimi😼😼😼
Dominik Jóźwiak
Dominik Jóźwiak 6 dagen geleden
What's the song? Anyone knows Fernando Alonso i will always enjoy your show your return to Formula 1 is a show for me i was in 7th heaven when i heard Fernando Alonso is returning to Formula 1.
nittojoe136 6 dagen geleden
Should be titled “Hamilton back to his ways of punting Redbull cars”
Mr Sport
Mr Sport 6 dagen geleden
Akshat Gupta
Akshat Gupta 6 dagen geleden
"Back to winnning ways" LOL
stf Nist
stf Nist 6 dagen geleden
4:15 Lewis in a parallel universe
Peter Southern
Peter Southern 6 dagen geleden
The red bulls just never give room in a racing situation. I hope all the drivers take a more aggressive stance against them going forward. Horner can whinge all he wants.
Floris Hendrikx
Floris Hendrikx 6 dagen geleden
What a terrible edit this, its now like Lewis asked "Is Max OK?" right after the Safety Car deployed, It took him a full 2 minutes slowly driving towards the fastlane in the pits to ask that. he just only cares about his own Championship points
Finn. bo
Finn. bo 6 dagen geleden
I‘m so sorry for charles🏎😔
Anand Nair
Anand Nair 6 dagen geleden
Where's Max's radio at the crash? Social media image keeping strategy by not showing Max's radio and showing Lewis' 'Hows Max'. Cheap
Besard Kola
Besard Kola 6 dagen geleden
Ivan Coser Paulinyi
Ivan Coser Paulinyi 6 dagen geleden
3:53 I thought they weren't allowed to do this
scumonkee 6 dagen geleden
sore loser, direspectful act by hamilton. nowhere near amazing like james said. its shameful
Arion 6 dagen geleden
2:46 That looked like Bottas giving Hamilton an umbrella 😂😂😂
Siddharth Chaudhary
Siddharth Chaudhary 6 dagen geleden
Is no one gonna mention how that helicopter shook the entire car
Lal Sayd
Lal Sayd 6 dagen geleden
hey guys i NEED the inside story please of this race please
Noel Sony
Noel Sony 6 dagen geleden
4:16 :Lewis it's James Me:(Realising it's after the race)
Fabian Ng
Fabian Ng 7 dagen geleden
Lol they didnt include the radio message to Bottas.
Jayson delamora
Jayson delamora 7 dagen geleden
only when cheating and f1 helping
pizzawolf 7 dagen geleden
“Did you get that thing I sent you” - Peter Potamus
LeoElso 7 dagen geleden
When Kimi goes beyond three syllables you know you're in trouble
Natalie Martin
Natalie Martin 7 dagen geleden
Get in there Bono 🥲🤦‍♀️😅😅
Bigsmartfish 7 dagen geleden
For all those that complained Lewis didn't even ask about Max after the race, he did during the race and red flag already, he knew it was a bad crash and made sure his opponent was still fine.
Michael Pirogov
Michael Pirogov 7 dagen geleden
And thats all radio in that race. What a shame work
The Gidra
The Gidra 7 dagen geleden
Get in there Lewis.. And he took that literally.
francisco gil
francisco gil 7 dagen geleden
Winning? I would say cheating and slaying
nvl571 7 dagen geleden
1.51 execute order 66
Diablo Granado
Diablo Granado 7 dagen geleden
All: Typing comments Me: "Lewis, it's James"
Conforce 7 dagen geleden
Christian Horner: Toto is sent you an email with an invoice of 1 million $ did you see that? or are you too busy imitating Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Burning MrB
Burning MrB 7 dagen geleden
Nobody steers in on the inside of turn 9! Everybody who raced there knows
João Pires
João Pires 7 dagen geleden
4:57 I'm not Italian but that's "Lo so", isn't it? ("I know.")
Aaron Anish
Aaron Anish 7 dagen geleden
"I think we should call it Q4!" THEY SHOULD SERIOUSLY CONSIDER CALLING THE SPRINT Q4 just because nando said
EricvZ 7 dagen geleden
I missed the winner of the Sprint-Race in this overview...
volante8657 7 dagen geleden
Kimi rants, I must be dreaming......
Blooper Trooper
Blooper Trooper 7 dagen geleden
It’s a bit difficult to hear crofty with hamilton’s pp in his mouth
Anup Narayanan
Anup Narayanan 7 dagen geleden
If Charles didn't have engine issues during the first stint may be he could have pulled bit more from Lewis and built that gap to defend after pit stop. Also for Lewis to be allowed to make repairs to the car especially when he was penalized for the incident doesn't add up. Imagine fixing your car during safety car vs fixing during red flag. It's an unfair advantage and these factors should also be taken into account when the penalty is imposed.
CHRoOMAX 7 dagen geleden
"Hamilton Back To Winning Ways"
Marco Diaz
Marco Diaz 7 dagen geleden
Excelente reacción de Charles sabe que pudo ser mucho mejor y haber ganado esta carrera y haber puesto en su lugar al carnicero Hamilton
Will H
Will H 7 dagen geleden
Having seen Max’s Instagram page and what he posted before the race, with his fan boys pushing him to shove Hamilton out of the race, it’s ironic to be here post race and read all the hatred for Lewis. Sour grapes from cancel culture fans that only want a fair race if it rewards red bull.
F1 is dead, WEC is alive!
F1 is dead, WEC is alive! 7 dagen geleden
Next time LH en Mercedes will play the racist card. Then Max en F1 are k.o.
Zack Galante
Zack Galante 7 dagen geleden
Max needs to call Hamilton and apologize to the GOAT 🐐
Wrench 7 dagen geleden
I don't think its a racing incident i think it was Hamilton's fault hes been racing on that track for years and he does that its embarrassing because of Hamilton red bull cant win the championship now
Edward Ed
Edward Ed 7 dagen geleden
That British commentators voice is so disgusting when Lewis cross the finish line, is like 📢📢📢🐓🐓🐓
Tsepo Kotelo
Tsepo Kotelo 7 dagen geleden
"She's understeering to the moon" - Max 😂😂😂
SuperFly 7 dagen geleden
After crashing MAX into a hospital > HAM was proudly waving his flag while brits cheered The whole world saw once again: who the brits truly are.
Romeo Levii
Romeo Levii 7 dagen geleden
3:06 Why was the helicopter so low, don't they realize the downforce issues F1 Cars are facing atm?
Lorenz Pate
Lorenz Pate 7 dagen geleden
MrRodzilla 7 dagen geleden
they should have included the team order to let hamilton pass bottas, my theory is F1 is now the official public relations partner of Lewis Hamilton
RichardV 7 dagen geleden
Toto totally making a fool off himself
DRAKO9764 7 dagen geleden
1st class...after pushing your rival I to the wall and hospital, after the disgusting 10s penalty, after Norris moving out of the way like he saw blue flag, after Bottas team order and after Leclerc thinking "2nd or the wall"...yeah man...Epic race.... Lewis should have been black flagged!!! "He turned in on me" is the excuse all drivers that should have braked use, that's a clear indication of guilt!!! 10 seconds for almost killing a man?!?!?! Ps.. no, I'm not a Max fan, he did this type of move too, but not like this, not at that speed and in such a dangerous situation. Lewis is a menace on track and a disgrace off track!
DRAKO9764 7 dagen geleden
The email Toto sent Name your price, love Toto
wildflower 7 dagen geleden
Seriously what are we doing? Racing or writing emails?
EnderTNT 124
EnderTNT 124 7 dagen geleden
"Get in there Lewis, you almost killed your title rival and you won against Charles that for the second time had an engine failure while he was winning, amazing job". Hamilton was not deserving to win. He should have to be disqualified for that accident!
Gerhard Hohmann
Gerhard Hohmann 7 dagen geleden
That wasn't a win that was a cheat!
Demus 7 dagen geleden
hAmiLt0n bAcK t0 wiNniNg wAys huehuehue
Mario Esteban Becerra Castillo
Mario Esteban Becerra Castillo 8 dagen geleden
As Albon said last year what a sore loser
Ole CAIGA 8 dagen geleden
อุบัติเหตุในการแข่งขันเกิดขึ้นได้เสมอ แล้วเขาก็ได้รับโทษแล้ว +10 วิ
Rhesa fabiandi
Rhesa fabiandi 8 dagen geleden
Emmanuel Cortes
Emmanuel Cortes 8 dagen geleden
FIA MOST change their rules about dangerous driving. There is no way Hamilton should have been awarded the chance to win at Silverstone after his reckless driving action at one of the fastest corners on F1; it is absolutely ridiculous that he only received a 10 second penalty for that. If FIA does not make a better rule about reckless diving in a highly dangerous area like a super fast corner, there will be more terrifying accidents in the future, because drivers will keep doing such dangerous actions, knowing that they can take out an opponent and gain major points (in this case it was a total 50 points gain in the championship. MAX -25 and Louis +25) and only carry an absurd 10 second penalty.
Hellen 8 dagen geleden
A+ for the editor on changing "Sprint" to "Q4" when Fernando suggested it hshshahaha
Mark Hany
Mark Hany 8 dagen geleden
everyone: hamiltons fault me:it was the immortalls fault
David Buchholz
David Buchholz 8 dagen geleden
“This is for all the people back at the factory, make the car strong enough, and we can hit max off the track”
kiri escalante
kiri escalante 8 dagen geleden
Toto before the Silverstone Go "We are now focused on next year's car" Toto after Silverstone"We never give up this is still on"😂😂
vzack 8 dagen geleden
Formula Mercedes
Micael Kun
Micael Kun 8 dagen geleden
Why tiktok is a sponsor of aston martin 😂😂😂
whale oil beef hooked
whale oil beef hooked 8 dagen geleden
Max side by side with ham through eau rouge will be spicy.
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 8 dagen geleden
Hopefully he always gets his drink cause Kimi got to stay in F1!!!
AVOKÁDÓ ARC 8 dagen geleden
Red Bull: surpasses Mercedes for the past 4 races *Verstappen "crashes" out, Mercedes "wins"* Mercedes: ah we're back, we worked so hard
Hussien Alsafi
Hussien Alsafi 8 dagen geleden
Juan 8 dagen geleden
Toto: im coming up..... with a bag of money
Juan 8 dagen geleden
Whatvkind of crypto is Understering and is it really going to the moon
George Holt
George Holt 8 dagen geleden
Hamilton should 100% have been disqualified!
Greg Dixon
Greg Dixon 8 dagen geleden
Helmut Marko on the line 1 for you. "Why don't you hate Lewis as much as we do?"
Anubhav 8 dagen geleden
Kimi spitting fax
mugo 8 dagen geleden
The only reason that @$$@!!#$&** won is because he crashed Max
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 8 dagen geleden
Massi: "I don't want to hear nonsense excuses and I blocked your emails"
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