Verstappen And Hamilton's Collision Analysed | 2021 British Grand Prix

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11 dagen geleden

After a exciting race at Silverstone, Will Buxton & Lawrence Barretto discuss one of the major talking points of the 2021 season so far as Max Verstappen & Lewis Hamilton collide on Lap 1.

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Keiya Davies
Keiya Davies 9 uur geleden
2:19, that should cost you your job there, Barretto. Couldn't get more biased if you tried.
Teflon Don
Teflon Don 9 uur geleden
51g babbyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Jeroen Bons
Jeroen Bons 10 uur geleden
He gave it everything?? He gave it first of all.. Far to much speed and took the risk of crashing.. the result of this aggressive attack? .. He took it all and left his adversary in hospital. Mr Barretto are you seriously thinking that the defender was at fault and are you thinking that Verstappen made a mistake by not letting Ham through? Open the door, let him go, let him win the Brittle GP because his psyche needed a bath in the public admiration to pump up his ego? Do you think that Max Verstappen should let Ham win every BRRRGP from now on?
Salt AU
Salt AU Dag geleden
Verstappens fault 100%
Sergio Iglesias
Sergio Iglesias Dag geleden
Lawrence baretto: max should have give him more space MORE?????? He left a two car length space, do you want him to say "oh yeah sure, please go by"??
John Salchichon
John Salchichon Dag geleden
Lol the amount of dislikes says everything
Roland Ong
Roland Ong Dag geleden
🤦‍♂️ they just giving opinion.
Zivai Chidhakwa
Zivai Chidhakwa 2 dagen geleden
I love Formula 1, but I just hate how they never address big issues like this one. And this video is just hyping up Hamilton. At least add more flames to entertain us fans who can't watch in person, and just tell the truth, Hamilton is wrong
green.chronic 2 dagen geleden
Teft Hunter
Teft Hunter 3 dagen geleden
no its collision, is the TAKEDOWN
nittojoe136 3 dagen geleden
Check out Driver61 channel if you want a LEGIT analysis of what happened
Iss Rah
Iss Rah 3 dagen geleden
Rumour says that Horner still saying 51g crash at home
RuyLopezQB6 3 dagen geleden
For an actual analysis video try Driver61 or Chain Bear F1
Marcel 3 dagen geleden
Max gave room for 2 cars on the inside , Lewis understeering wide Nuff said
James Chapman
James Chapman 3 dagen geleden
This is coming from a non F1 fan. This was a racing incident in which both drivers were off the normal line through the corner as they were racing for a position way to early in the race. If I have to place blame, slightly more blame goes to Hamilton because he overcooked it into the corner and wasn't able to make the apex like he needed to. I also think F1 is to blame because they have created a series in which passing is so difficult it becomes dangerous.
Joke Brouwer
Joke Brouwer 4 dagen geleden
You cannot sink deeper than these two pseudo-journalists.
Vivek BHujbal
Vivek BHujbal 4 dagen geleden
It was a made up move by Lewis period! He should be punished for that by banning him for the remainder of the championship. Lewis made it look clinical but that's how it is. You have to slow down the video to be able to make sense. Watch how carefully he comes in the inside of Max in the copse, Just when he needed it, He perfectly knew where Max will go right. Missed the apex, under steers a little bit? Massively understeered, doesnt apply the brakes to avoid the collision, leaves acres of room to the right. I mean come on! Why does this go unnoticed. Too big a scandal there And these 2 idiots not understanding what they're speakinh
Categoria Xbox
Categoria Xbox 4 dagen geleden
That video is more biased than the front tyres of Hamilton at Baku 🤣
Isaac Chapman
Isaac Chapman 5 dagen geleden
Lawrence is off his meds.
Lonzo Smith
Lonzo Smith 5 dagen geleden
2 bias british guys hates max verstappen that's the title of this video .
Synatex 5 dagen geleden
Lews was at fault? Didn't Michael get Totos e-mail?
bronxballa1020 5 dagen geleden
Verstappen tried to shut Lewis out the corner mid-turn and SUPRISE! LEWIS WAS STILL THERE! Verstappens fault. If you slow mo the collision, Verstappen turns INTO Hamilton at point of contact, not the other way around.
The KitOwl
The KitOwl 5 dagen geleden
I’m afraid Sky did this better.
ItsInFeRNoXiiCxD 5 dagen geleden
I wont lie, a 5 second stop and go would have been more of a punishment than a 10 second delayed pitstop.
serendipityuk 5 dagen geleden
Bloke on the right is completely clueless to suggest Max was at fault. Utter nonsense.
Bob Malack
Bob Malack 5 dagen geleden
I dislike Hamilton greatly, BUT I believe after looking at the footage I see it as both of their faults or nobodies fault. It is what it is. Robert at 66.
melin labu
melin labu 6 dagen geleden
Well, do we really understand the meaning of RACING? When we commit to join the race, we are prepared to accept & facing any circumstances and risks of racing. Don’t blame anyone or others or situations when incidents happen!!! Ask your self why you join the race in the first place? Race is a race, not a zoo tour???? Come on Red Bull BOSS - if you don’t recognize the RISKS of racing then don’t join the race!!!
Yo Geezer
Yo Geezer 6 dagen geleden
Newbie question. What are the stats for front wheel - back wheel crashes?? How often does front car go crash, vs back car crash, vs both crash? Seems to me that the back car, if ready for the wheel tap has a better chance to remain stable but what do I know...
Carlos Alberto De Oliveira
Carlos Alberto De Oliveira 6 dagen geleden
Remenbering an couple few years ago hardly both competitors in the race motors bellonging to the main teams was able to give it up in the midlle of full throttle.
nittojoe136 6 dagen geleden
Listen to these two Lewis fanboys 🤡 🤡
Muhammet Yusuf Yagiz
Muhammet Yusuf Yagiz 6 dagen geleden
Saying max was at fault is outrageous they look so dumb
Disciple Kevin
Disciple Kevin 6 dagen geleden
Louis was at fault come on man it's obvious he's just a spoiled rotten cry baby
eltelw 6 dagen geleden
Being going on since the days of Schumacher and Mansell get over it, and Verstappen get over yourself as it stands you are a won nothing nobody a real champion such as Lewis wins with their car not their mouth.
Marcos Torroba
Marcos Torroba 6 dagen geleden
max didn't give much space??? honestly?!!! is this a British radio station or an official F1 account? Lewis Hamilton has more than a m on right. Are you kidding me here?? So Lewis is off his line, but this is Verstappen fault because he had to give more space to Hamilton, even more? What else, a red carpet? common
Shravan Dikshith
Shravan Dikshith 6 dagen geleden
Don't know what all the Fuss is about.. If this accident doesn't fall into Racing incident category then i don't know what else does. Lewis understeered and missed the apex. Had Max been slightly ahead then Lewis would have come out of that corner worse and probably would have even lost his position to Leclerc Unfortunately for Max.. He was caught in the middle of Lewis's blunder
Moose Moose
Moose Moose 6 dagen geleden
I think Lewis knew exactly what he was doing. And I’m a Lewis fan.
Art Kuzon
Art Kuzon 6 dagen geleden
Belka did nothing wrong
CESAR BALDERAS 6 dagen geleden
People look ridiculous calling “Formula 1” the Lewis Hamilton reality show
Dsman 6 dagen geleden
Check the beginning of the Spanish 2021 Grand prix. And maybe you will change your mind. Lewis gave in and let him pass in the interior. This time Max could have done the same thing but instead he decided to close the door more. Looking to bully him on to the grass.
David Orrell
David Orrell 6 dagen geleden
Hamilton should be excused from the next race personally.
Classic Gaming Times
Classic Gaming Times 6 dagen geleden
garbage analysis
SuperFly 6 dagen geleden
If MAX turns out to lose the title, with less than 25 points, to HAM than that title has been STOLEN and F1 has an existential problem because half the public would declare F1 = D E 4 D through the corruptive FIA who with F1 ...robbed MAX of 25 points in britain and ...hence his title. HAM fan boys feel free to hurl your b1le ..BC I won't answer reactions. .
ZoltanF1LH 6 dagen geleden
The Stewards DID NOT say Lewis was wholly at fault, they said predominantly at fault meaning more than 50% but not 100%. It could be 51-49 or 70-30 we don't know.
mjchris 6 dagen geleden
Verstappen's fault. Absolutely clearly to see. Fact!
Schpit 6 dagen geleden
Cmon lawrence...from ur bad "talk us through it" interviews to this. This isnt an analysis. Its just opinion so stop acting like its plain fact.
Babai Roy
Babai Roy 6 dagen geleden
Ok. Wow. I had no idea these two guys don't know much about driving at all.
E.Q 7 dagen geleden
so how much Toto paid you?
S K 7 dagen geleden
I just watched the telemetry video of both drivers during the crash. Hamilton goes on the inside and actually tries to brake (and does) before turning in. While Max, went did not lift at all, was full throttle, and induced an extra aggressive turn of the wheel. Once Verstappen made contact with Lewis, only then did he hit the brakes. It's kind of like 55/45 Max's corner but all in all both drivers were just as aggressive and nothing you can do to stop that incident from happening with the tow Hamilton was getting.
Adam Sharif
Adam Sharif 7 dagen geleden
When Max is agressive, they say “that’s just racing” When Lewis is aggressive, then all of a sudden its a problem!!! Do i need to say anything else!? I’m just happy that he signed 2 more years And i guarantee that 90% of the F1 grid is not happy about that! Lewis is a hero.
B Scott
B Scott 7 dagen geleden
Correct me if I am wrong..... Max left the track on turn 1 running wide, shouldn't he have had to give the position to Lewis from that infraction. Why is nobody talking about that? Lewis made turn one without leaving the track. This whole crash could have been avoided if he had given back that position.
Vincent Ras
Vincent Ras 6 dagen geleden
@B Scott you mean when he cut the corner? As long as he is not with all 4 wheels outside the line it is allowed. Basically it is track limits
B Scott
B Scott 7 dagen geleden
@Vincent Ras Yeah, not sure I've read that in the first round there are exceptions in the rule book. I am pretty sure they've called that on drivers in the past. Consistency would be appreciated. Is the white line off the track or part of the track? Max was off the track on the corner leading up to Copes too although he was touching the white line.
Vincent Ras
Vincent Ras 7 dagen geleden
In this case, not in the opening round. Half the grid goes off track in the first round.
Burning MrB
Burning MrB 7 dagen geleden
Nobody steers in on the inside of turn 9! Everybody who raced there knows
Steve Hancock
Steve Hancock 7 dagen geleden
Wht talk about the penalty like its supposed to take the race away from the offender? The punishment is the 10 sec penalty which Lewis served. It says something about him as an F1 driver that he went on to win the race. If the objective of the penalty is to take th erace away from him, why not just disqualify him? The stewards obviously looked and decided the appropriate penalty was 10 seconds. For me, 'racing incident'.
Stephen R
Stephen R 7 dagen geleden
More space? I don't think these guys would know what an apex or driving line is even if it hit them in the face. Outside - inside - outside. If you go round the outside and stay on the outside for the entire length of Copse you'd lose a massive amount of time.... There needs to be 1 cars width on the inside, there was. Hamilton understeered, he made a mistake.
Nicholas Shotter
Nicholas Shotter 7 dagen geleden
Max knew where Lewis was yet purposefully cut right across Lewis (and in the process unloaded Lewis's front wing to cause understeer - why has no one mentioned this aspect?). If Max expected Lewis to be somewhere else then Max's prioritised a guess over knowledge. It was a typically Max bullying move - totally dependent on the grace of other drivers.
Iss Rah
Iss Rah 7 dagen geleden
Max did that a lot of Times to others drivers Stop crying and stop this nonsense you're toxic fans
Erwin Elbracht
Erwin Elbracht 7 dagen geleden
The like/dislike ratio is the best analysis of this video...
Lex 7 dagen geleden
If it goes on like this they get more comments then likes lol
Dudley 7 dagen geleden
Ten second penalty. Could have been worse.......that will go on your permanent record! Like in grade school.
Lewis4 7 dagen geleden
“Max should’ve given him more room.” Exactly how many car widths does HAM need to make a corner? 3? 4? Because he had 2 and still couldn’t hold his line.
Ronan O'Shea
Ronan O'Shea 7 dagen geleden
Max was all over the track defending and he has lost out many times before in a similar way. At those speeds darting the car around like that ends in disaster. Not saying Lewis is an angel but cold tyres heavy fuel load etc etc. Max should have known that. More experience will come to him. He is a world champion to come. Racing incedent in my eyes.
Brotherman Bill
Brotherman Bill 7 dagen geleden
This video had me checking if it was the 1st of April.. jeez what a jokers
aam voor
aam voor 7 dagen geleden
There is footage where you can see max steered to the outside giving hamilton more room. Lewis could not take the apex and kept his foot down. How is it possible you can see any other way. The stewards say he is guilty and give 10 seconds. Hmmm bias i believe
Vincent Ras
Vincent Ras 7 dagen geleden
If you go on the inside you are supposed to hit the apex. It was a misjudged move by Lewis.
Lex 7 dagen geleden
For a neutral analyses check driver61
k bul
k bul 7 dagen geleden
More fault goes to Lewis, but Max made the bigger mistake.
SuperFly 7 dagen geleden
After crashing MAX into a hospital > HAM was proudly waving a flag The whole world saw once again: who the brits truly are.
We are playing uno right now
We are playing uno right now 7 dagen geleden
When do we see the analysis?
G Flanger
G Flanger 7 dagen geleden
Everything can be judged by the video footage of 2:25, look at Hamilton his line, and then look at Leclerc his line. You can easily see that Hamilton uses a way bigger area to drive over then Leclerc needs. If Hamilton didn't cut off Max's line, none of this would've happened.
Zebo 7 dagen geleden
And this is how the fia laughs in our faces. Nice.
Ganesh Sonke
Ganesh Sonke 7 dagen geleden
First the engine allegation and now this. Is Hamilton really a true champion? I don't think so.
Ethical Hacking Tutorials
Ethical Hacking Tutorials 8 dagen geleden
Quit if you can't be unbiased. You sound like a clown justifying Lewis crashing into max
Miller Fisherman
Miller Fisherman 8 dagen geleden
As soon as Lawrence said Max was at fault, he lost all credibility IMO.
fred tetsu
fred tetsu 2 dagen geleden
what credibility
nittojoe136 6 dagen geleden
Geo Sebastian
Geo Sebastian 8 dagen geleden
It's very simple. If it was Mazepin that caused a life-threatening 51G crash for another driver (say Hamilton) at Silverstone, do you think the stewards would have issued the same penalties? *mic drops*
Dee S
Dee S 8 dagen geleden
Max turned into Lewis. Watch the video
SQwizz 7 dagen geleden
No not realy watch again, max turned out so lewis got space but lewis didnt turn as much that he needed in the cornor when they both turned right.
Jackster31 8 dagen geleden
Racing incident sounds about right to me.
SQwizz 7 dagen geleden
Watch again then
Luboš Ertl
Luboš Ertl 8 dagen geleden
Lewis cleverly shot him down
Parker:xgps 8 dagen geleden
Seems the Stewards did about as well as they could have in the Situation. Lewis couldn't avoid, Max making him have to avoid cost him the race. Forcing Lewis to cross like that was a risky line and move. He isn't twenty anymore and they know it.
senna kwee
senna kwee 8 dagen geleden
Isn’t this exactly what ayrton senna said in the interview with jackie stewerd? Lewis even said in an interview afterwards that he just went for a gap. Senna said in that interview “If you no longer go for a gap which exists you are no longer a racing driver” and I totally agree with that statement. This is racing. Can’t disagree with Ayrton Senna
Vincent Ras
Vincent Ras 7 dagen geleden
And where is Senna now?
Omer Omeerder
Omer Omeerder 8 dagen geleden
Hamilton has luck, he plays politics, knocks off he’s opponents, has the might of Mercedes behind him and flashes his fake image constantly. Not to mention the press defending him. The British call it great sportsmanship. The rest of us cheating and getting away. By the way, Outside of sports I absolutely love England!
Harris 8 dagen geleden
British Mafia
Freerk van Oudheusden
Freerk van Oudheusden 8 dagen geleden
You call this an analysis????
SQwizz 7 dagen geleden
they seems desperate
John Patterson
John Patterson 8 dagen geleden
John Patterson 0 seconds ago What a true champion. Lewis just spoke a few days earlier about how a DNF for Max would certainly make the championship race tighter, then he went out and made it happen! GREAT JOB!
Theo Rouers - Solar E-Bike Touring Europe
Theo Rouers - Solar E-Bike Touring Europe 8 dagen geleden
Willy Van Loon
Willy Van Loon 8 dagen geleden
The not give lewis a stop and go penalty because he is a britsch driver at silverstone,youre bias comment tells enouch, Next time spa and zandvoort two max home races
Huron Toikiy
Huron Toikiy 8 dagen geleden
I love the objectivity 😁😁😁
Goran Lukic
Goran Lukic 8 dagen geleden
Just see like and dislike.That tell you everything...
Michael Lockey
Michael Lockey 8 dagen geleden
Max is always aggressive but it's OK for him but when he come against someone that had anoth off keep letting him its not OK racing racing and these things happen
Rob Kroon
Rob Kroon 8 dagen geleden
Lawrence, it's obvious that you're madly in love with Lewis Hamilton... But from 'a pundit' i'll expect a little more objectivity...
S F 8 dagen geleden
Looks so much like senna and prost’s accident in Japan Murray walker screaming “ I can’t believe it, it’s happened immediately”
Huub Breedveld
Huub Breedveld 8 dagen geleden
I am at 0:17 but I see two brits so I am gonna call it early. "It was a racing incident." 2:54 Called it.
armaniusmaximus 8 dagen geleden
But the drama is going to make F1 more exciting!
armaniusmaximus 8 dagen geleden
Racing incident.
Mohammed Teleb
Mohammed Teleb 8 dagen geleden
Dear F1, please allow other you tubers to use your footage to analyze the crash because they are 10x better that these guys
Steef 8 dagen geleden
Giving more space?? Hamilton had enough space.. Trying to overtaking where itsnt possible without understeering.
Greg Dixon
Greg Dixon 8 dagen geleden
Helmut Marko on the line 1 for you. "Why don't you hate Lewis as much as we do?"
agetori77 8 dagen geleden
"Max was at fault" LOL I'ma stop the video right there. Homers.
Daniel Gould
Daniel Gould 3 dagen geleden
Haha. Homers. Agree to cut and run on these two. What sort of F1 journalist X 2 claims Max to be at fault when he wasn't the one who was found to be guilty and penalised. Too much pipe? Possibly they ate the wrong mushroom or biscuit; were distracted after breaking a nail; forgot what the analysis was and thought that they were deciding whether Max is too fast for f1 and found him at fault for that.
Luca Fruit Shakes
Luca Fruit Shakes 8 dagen geleden
Hey F1 admin, CLEARLY the amount / ratio of Dislikes for this video is coz of these 2 bozos you have, especially LAWRENCE BARRETTO. I'm unsubscribing.
Alexander Havenstein Hansen
Alexander Havenstein Hansen 8 dagen geleden
If there is a hole and you don't go after it then you aren't racing.
blakasmurf 8 dagen geleden
I've gone through this accident frame by frame Max points his car toward the apex, end of! He's gone to pinch Hamilton and ended up paying for it!
moto goi
moto goi 8 dagen geleden
you can tell lawrance is not a real racer. just let lewis by when you in the lead
TByrom 8 dagen geleden
Poor analysis
marco kruithof
marco kruithof 8 dagen geleden
You would almost assume the "reporters" are British...
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