A Deep Dive Into The 2022 Formula 1 Car | F1 TV Tech Talk | 2021 British Grand Prix

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Join one of our F1 TV Tech Talk hosts Craig Scarborough as he takes a closer look at the 2022 Formula 1 car that was revealed at Silverstone.

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Bluecrayon 007
Bluecrayon 007 4 dagen geleden
Is there no DRS??
Didkee Chin
Didkee Chin 5 dagen geleden
You call this a deep dive?
Golbs 5 dagen geleden
would be great if they just had a year without design rules. lets see what engineers and technology can really do with restrictions.
Rami D. P
Rami D. P 6 dagen geleden
95% of comments are talking about how shallow this deep dive is 😂.
Daniel Graham
Daniel Graham 6 dagen geleden
Anyone know what shirt he's wearing?
Matt 7 dagen geleden
A very shallow hop into the 2022 formula 1 car.
Runoratsu 7 dagen geleden
Must‘ve been pretty close to the coast-that deep dive was actually rather shallow.
Lucas deABREU
Lucas deABREU 7 dagen geleden
Nothing new? This was underwhelming
blanton69 7 dagen geleden
Ugh.. that brake duct is going cause problems
Dan 7
Dan 7 7 dagen geleden
Does diffuser works like a Venturi tube wherein the velocity decreases and the pressure increases as the air leave the car?
Aniket K
Aniket K 7 dagen geleden
We recently experienced wheel to wheel racing, that didn’t go well 😂 … so exited for 2022!
Simeon Chappell
Simeon Chappell 7 dagen geleden
Interesting, but this is not a deep dive
Christopher Robin Garrish
Christopher Robin Garrish 7 dagen geleden
jama211 7 dagen geleden
It's beautiful
Bill Weeks
Bill Weeks 7 dagen geleden
It's what I have been saying for years; "Get rid of all the fiddly bits". I felt that all of the little slits, strakes, flicks, etc were too finicky and only worked in direct and unobstructed airflow. Sure you may get great results in a wind tunnel, but you really need a wind tunnel that can change the direction of the flow, add a tail or side wind load, and introduce a body causing turbulence. Far too complicated. I'm not a fan of the wiglets over the front tyres unless they do help to lessen the turbulent air.
Akhil S Kumar
Akhil S Kumar 7 dagen geleden
ashoutinfront 7 dagen geleden
Deep dive? Barely a scratch… 😂
Dakkan 7 dagen geleden
So will there be DRS?
Be Caffé
Be Caffé 7 dagen geleden
Why keep the reduced floor area? An unstable rear-end is not suited for overtaking.
Francesco Marino
Francesco Marino 7 dagen geleden
I have the feeling this is not gonna poduce more overtaking at all and it's gonna be a huge flop
Lindsay Evans
Lindsay Evans 7 dagen geleden
"Deep dive", goes for three and a half minutes.
Rimantas V
Rimantas V 7 dagen geleden
And DRS? Maybe finally can get rid of that nonsense?
szewei1985 7 dagen geleden
Haha cool
ploba 7 dagen geleden
Here we have european indycar
Shawting_ 7 dagen geleden
Most drivers expressed that the front looks very different from there teams interpretation of the new rules, I think the cars will look very different from this model
iMe ze
iMe ze 7 dagen geleden
Did this muck up the strenght of the slipstream too?
Govind Pilla
Govind Pilla 7 dagen geleden
New car from constructors will look like abominations.
Zand Voort
Zand Voort 7 dagen geleden
I very much doubt these changes will make any difference. The current rules with DRS are just fine.
Bukhari Jabar Azman
Bukhari Jabar Azman 7 dagen geleden
April’s fools will be much more enjoyable with these Moustache front wings...
André Somers
André Somers 7 dagen geleden
A deep dive… of 3 minutes.
Raj Dungrani
Raj Dungrani 7 dagen geleden
How will DRS system will be interpreted in 22 car
Nishad Pawar
Nishad Pawar 7 dagen geleden
But will there be DRS in 2022 ? That's the main question
Walter Cardillo
Walter Cardillo 7 dagen geleden
Great quick review Craig. History shows us that the people who have made all these rule changes over the last 7 years have not got it right. I just hope history dent repeat itself and we get some decent wheel to wheel racing minus the ridiculous penalties. How much testing will be allowed prior to the start of the 2022 season?
Alfi Aflahal Muflih
Alfi Aflahal Muflih 7 dagen geleden
let see what's reality bring to us.
Bana Z
Bana Z 7 dagen geleden
Head wing sounds like whale 🐋
Nidhi Jacob
Nidhi Jacob 7 dagen geleden
Mercedes better build a stronger wing for Lewis for those red bull battles
TJ32 7 dagen geleden
I was so excited for this video until I saw that it was 3 minutes long 😕
dimsoneill 7 dagen geleden
Will the 2022 car have a compulsory Lewis protector? You know, like a frog in cricket?
SVeloB 7 dagen geleden
The question is: will the 2022 cars have sticky uppy bits?
Azhar Fikri
Azhar Fikri 7 dagen geleden
However, if we raise the nose, we can have more airflow toward the underfloor section. My question is, is the nose mandatory to be put directly to the front wing without the pylons?
Azhar Fikri
Azhar Fikri 6 dagen geleden
@Tiago João Silva well, we'll see..
Tiago João Silva
Tiago João Silva 6 dagen geleden
AFAICT, yes, the flat center section under the nose and between the pylons is associated with the Y250 vortex, which is going to be disappeared with extreme prejudice.
Frank 7 dagen geleden
Can someone please answer my question ❓⁉️ WILL THE NEW CAR HAVE DRS?
Washington Ramos
Washington Ramos 7 dagen geleden
- So, what do you think? - Does it come in black?
Real Racing
Real Racing 7 dagen geleden
People complaining about 3 min buy subscription on f1 tv Craig deserves it
Marty Walker
Marty Walker 8 dagen geleden
3 mins is a deep dive?
Jake Tully
Jake Tully 8 dagen geleden
is it april again already?
Vinícius de Oliveira
Vinícius de Oliveira 8 dagen geleden
Please... set the language of the video so we can run it with subtitles - it's better to understand it here in Brazil
Vahidreza Barati
Vahidreza Barati 8 dagen geleden
Soooo a deep dive showing pictures we can see on Google? That's interesting! Come on F1, you can do better. The actual car is literally there!!! TAKE A CAMERA AND FILM IT!!!
blindnore 8 dagen geleden
Es bellísimo. JPG
Lester Combs
Lester Combs 8 dagen geleden
Love it! Front wing? Meh.
Werner Heenop
Werner Heenop 8 dagen geleden
Thanks, great video. Question, will the larger wheel/tyre diameter on the 2022 car not cause more wake? Which contradicts the objectives of the new design.
TheFulcrum2000 7 dagen geleden
I think the overall diameter will stay the same, just the rims getting bigger (compensated by the tyre edge being lower).
Zombie George
Zombie George 8 dagen geleden
so deep
Eugene Elkin
Eugene Elkin 8 dagen geleden
NICE AWES0ME C00L_ 🍨🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚 💨 🍮 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 ❗ 🐬 🌺 🌺 🌺 🥀 🌹 🌷 🍁 💐🍂 🐡🐄 🐅 🐆 🐯 🍣 🍣 🍣 🥘 🍨🍨🍨
dspid2404 8 dagen geleden
What I would like to know is what parts of the cars can the teams play with and what can't they play with.
Akmal Ibrahim
Akmal Ibrahim 7 dagen geleden
And how much they can play with. I wanna see the tolerance limit included design.
Nicky Jeanty
Nicky Jeanty 8 dagen geleden
They obviously got some inspiration from Francesco..if you know you know
Hussien Alsafi
Hussien Alsafi 8 dagen geleden
whiteandnerdytuba 8 dagen geleden
There's no deep dive of anything in 3 minutes
Ford Rs
Ford Rs 8 dagen geleden
All this is a waste of time if they don’t allow the drivers hard racing, we saw it with Hamilton and max… consequently Hamilton was given a 10 sec penalty on a racing incident!!! Another reason why people turn off to F1!
jama211 7 dagen geleden
But.. that's what it's designed for? You're just forcing that incident into a conversation about a new car. Grow up.
Sandy Barnes
Sandy Barnes 8 dagen geleden
No mention of the rear wing and how it's designed to throw wind up away from the following car?
AdMan 7 dagen geleden
You have to wait for the 2 minute long "Really Deep Dive" video for that.
P C 8 dagen geleden
I have to admit this is one of the smoothest, best translated explainations about the new regulations i've seen so far.
Erick Omondi
Erick Omondi 8 dagen geleden
A deep dive into the shallow end,LOL...
riperian 8 dagen geleden
I'm kind of new to this sport, but these seem like significant improvements. Or do they do this kind of upgrade every year and sort of upsell how significant they are?
James Fisher
James Fisher 8 dagen geleden
try to eliminate the wheels....
Goodmann 8 dagen geleden
Why there is a significant reduction of downforce with new regulations? Is due to the increase of the height of front and rear wings (which reduse the performance improvement due to ground effect)? Or there is a reduction of camber of the wings? Are the vortex generated by the turning vanes playing a role in that reduction of downforce? They should go under the floor and create a bigger negative ( relative to atmospheric value) pressure, but i'm not very sure about that. Tell me what you thing about that
Tiago João Silva
Tiago João Silva 6 dagen geleden
Cars are becoming too fast. Still, with less downforce and less draggy downforce, they'll go much faster in a straight line.
Spoo Ky
Spoo Ky 8 dagen geleden
cars are smaller and narrower I think?
Goodmann 8 dagen geleden
Press F for the y-250 vortex
Richard Lumley Smith
Richard Lumley Smith 8 dagen geleden
Surely Mercedes initiated all chang to maintain their dominance of Formula one!.
Rudus 8 dagen geleden
Lewis Hamilton: why overtake when I can send the leading driver to his deathbed? 💀 😈
Richard Lumley Smith
Richard Lumley Smith 8 dagen geleden
You just do not get it - Hamilton as far as elite are concerned is "Formula one" no other driver matters it is a one man show!. When will Formulaws with one make penalties bite - Hamilton in after race talk with Media had no regrets about putting rival into tyres - could hardly stop smirking. Soon Formula one will cease to attract the celebs. and no one will miss Formula and one - boring manipulated races win by Hamilton for Mercedes!.
TheCanadianBubba 8 dagen geleden
Put stronger bodywork on each end and let the drivers experiment with bump-drafting.
Sick Bale
Sick Bale 8 dagen geleden
Dandrama 8 dagen geleden
Formula UK
Ingo Cernohorsky
Ingo Cernohorsky 8 dagen geleden
Today's cars are already as long as a Mercedes s class. And this looks even longer.
JBP 51
JBP 51 8 dagen geleden
They’re shorter
Andrew 8 dagen geleden
3 minute deep dive?
Russian-bot 01101010
Russian-bot 01101010 8 dagen geleden
i like the big strong front, should be easier to push your rivals off the track
JBP 51
JBP 51 8 dagen geleden
Lewis gonna love it
Nebuchadnezzar 8 dagen geleden
Deep dive: 3 mins
149-AR 8 dagen geleden
F1 2022 car? okay cool, now deep dive into rules and make racing more fair!
Splendid Truth
Splendid Truth 8 dagen geleden
do you think it would be better for motorsport if in the 80s, wings were banned instead of ground effect?
Bas Berger
Bas Berger 8 dagen geleden
Let's start with the best new feature: The heaviest F1 car ever.
elfwald 8 dagen geleden
Let's face it. It looks hideous. I'm very, very concerned.
Joe Shelton
Joe Shelton 8 dagen geleden
I'm looking forward to seeing that new F1 car on the circuit next year. That's gonna be awesome.
Marino 8 dagen geleden
Too prescriptive, too heavy, one step closer to becoming a spec series.
Tim 8 dagen geleden
Why is the front wing different than the live preview we saw at silverstone
Maurice Rose
Maurice Rose 8 dagen geleden
...like NASCAR...how are they in a group...?
Enilsa Inácio Pereira Lopes
Enilsa Inácio Pereira Lopes 8 dagen geleden
Can't wait for This honestly this makes me very happy I have no words to do as it makes me happy
Enilsa Inácio Pereira Lopes
Enilsa Inácio Pereira Lopes 8 dagen geleden
@R.G. Amsterdam maybe
R.G. Amsterdam
R.G. Amsterdam 8 dagen geleden
I think we are gonna be disappointed
WaterRatje 8 dagen geleden
Ahh, yes, this is the correct video for a "techtalk" video
Flip 8 dagen geleden
why the front wing bends up in the sides where they connect in the side
s ss
s ss 8 dagen geleden
"Designed for better overtaking", he said, of a car that's still one full meter too long.
BattleBooms 8 dagen geleden
I would watch it on F1 TV - IF GERMANY HAD ACCESS TO IT!
Fritz Wuelfing
Fritz Wuelfing 8 dagen geleden
"Deep Dive" - video is 3 minutes long that's a rather shallow dive.
Vishnu Viswam
Vishnu Viswam 8 dagen geleden
It seems like, even the slightest damage to the new car floor can potentially be the end of race.
cinegraphics 7 dagen geleden
Exactly my thoughts. Front wing that can be replaced is higher, but the floor, which can't be easily replaced, is almost touching the asphalt.
Drkacsabaszk 8 dagen geleden
But can you take out your rival more esier with this one or not?
MeltingRubberZ28 8 dagen geleden
F1 Rules that need to change: 1. Repairing your car under red flag to a greater extent than you could do under a normal caution flag should be banned 2. If a driver causes a collision with a driver of another team, the costs of repairing that car need to either be outside the budget cap, or the team that caused the crash should fit the bill 3. Un-lapping yourself after a red flag needs to be removed 4. A grid penalty for replacing components on your car due to a crash deemed not your fault needs to either be alleviated in that scenario, or the penalty applied to the driver who caused the crash
MeltingRubberZ28 8 dagen geleden
@PerplexedPhoton how do insurance companies do it now? Whatever fault percentage you have is directly proportional to your amount of the bill you cover. Predominantly is probably in the 65-90% fault range....I would think it would be simple enough for the FIA to assign a percentage, and the penalties/costs incurred are simple math.
PerplexedPhoton 8 dagen geleden
@MeltingRubberZ28 I think it's too complicated of a rule to enforce fairly. Let's just take the Hamilton Verstappen accident we just had a Silverstone. The Stewards deemed Hamilton predominantly at fault for the collision, fair enough. But that doesn't mean Verstappen couldn't have done anything to avoid the collision either. In this instance do you think Verstappen shouldn't occur any engine or gearbox penalties in the future due to the crash, or that Mercedes should foot the bill?
MeltingRubberZ28 8 dagen geleden
@PerplexedPhoton would you not agree that rules that penalize you for things out of your control need to be modified?
PerplexedPhoton 8 dagen geleden
Totally not biased rules aimed squarely at one driver this year for things out of his control. What about not being able to repair damage to your car sustained on the formation lap before the race?
Wynn 8 dagen geleden
"Deep dive" yeah sure. F1 official channel is losing so much credibility with these presenters. It's the same as the presenters assessing lap 1 incident and offering their biased journalism opinion. It's a shame that people could go to another channel like Driver61 and get so much more in depth analysis and a fair take on non-biased propaganda.
Richard Lumley Smith
Richard Lumley Smith 8 dagen geleden
Remember commentators on Formula one are failed drivers only too happy to promote official line given by Formula one - must not upset Mercedes!.
ThunderTiger0801 8 dagen geleden
bring back the blown diffuser please and thank you :D So many innovations could be unbanned with the cost cap now
JAIMZ X 8 dagen geleden
New car is a waste of time because closer racing for 2022 = more penalties
Davidelule 8 dagen geleden
Bro where is Marcelo
bala krishna
bala krishna 8 dagen geleden
There isn't much depth in this model I guess. The video length itself confirms that
KungUn 8 dagen geleden
Where the is the analysis for Max crash. You always make a video for those incidents
Coulda Beena Contenda
Coulda Beena Contenda 8 dagen geleden
When reality doesn’t match the modelling, someone gonna get fired.
cinegraphics 7 dagen geleden
Reality gets fired...
in' deed
in' deed 8 dagen geleden
Hamilton é craque em fazer a curva reta , se ele não aprender a fazer a curva certa , ele pode ser um piloto a chegar a ter , até 1000 títulos mundiais rs..
Maxim N
Maxim N 7 dagen geleden
dhsjd djkfiw esjbdmf uey ees se dkfd alweof gfjs
Yoshimurha 8 dagen geleden
What is the point of bigger rims if they're putting lids on them so you can't see them anyways?
PerplexedPhoton 8 dagen geleden
Bigger rims for more "road relevance" but also having a lower profile tire can be very beneficial. Right now the tire sidewall acts as a lot of the F1 cars suspension system, and since it's characteristics change with pressure it's not always predictable. Having a smaller, stiffer side wall will enable the teams to more accurately calculate what the tire will do and give them more flexibility with suspension tuning, in theory.
Jojo Bee
Jojo Bee 8 dagen geleden
Covered wheels isn't something new to F1. Back in 2007-2009, some cars had wheel covers. Depending on design, they aid with brake cooling as well as for aerodynamics. The bigger wheels and the addition of wheel covers seem to put viewing pleasure aside and more on function. However, I think wheel manufacturers know they can use the wheel cover as a place to put a huge sticker over it. From company logos down to the drawing of the actual wheel. That's what BBS did with the Ferrari F2008 as an example. (You can google Ferrari F2008 wheel cover to see what I mean).
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